How to Cancel Geek Squad Plan in 3 Easy Steps

How to Cancel Geek Squad Plan in 3 easy steps

It’s now easier to Cancel Geek Squad subscription you don’t use.

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How to Cancel Geek Squad Plan

These are the steps to cancel your Geek Squad Protection Subscription.

1. Contact customer service at 800-433-5778

2. Talk to a representative.

3. Provide them with your account number, customer information, and bank account details.

4. You can cancel your plan and stop making monthly payments.

5. A confirmation email or text will be sent to you.

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You can call 1-800433-5778 from your phone to voice your concerns and raise a complaint.

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You may see your Geek Squad Plan subscription on your statement:GEEKSQUAD R00015826295 RICHFIELD MN.




GEEKSQUADPLAN 00015784 800-4335778 – MN

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