How to Cancel Discord Subscription? Best Way

Cancel Discord

If you do not utilize Discord Nitro’s other benefits, and the free version is sufficient on your behalf, it’s a great option to Cancel Discord Nitro subscription to save your money. This is how you can do it on your desktop or mobile device and the internet.

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How do I Cancel Discord Nitro Subscription

How to Cancel Discord Nitro Subscription on Desktop

Cancel Discord

Because the two versions of Discord on desktops and Discord for the web have similar user interfaces, you can follow the same steps to end your Nitro subscription.

Start by opening your Discord App as well as Discord via the internet. Log in to your account within the app.

In the bottom-left corner of Discord’s interface, near your username in the bottom-left corner, click “User Options” (a gear icon).

On the page for settings on the settings page, in the left sidebar, select “Subscriptions.”

On the “Discord Nitro” banner to the right side, you can click “Cancel.”

A window will explain what benefits you’ll lose when you cancel the Nitro subscription. To proceed with canceling, scroll through this window until the bottom and select “Continue.”

Follow the prompts until you’ll finally be able to end your Discord Nitro subscription. Then you’ll be done.

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How to Cancel Discord Nitro subscription on Mobile?

Cancel Discord

To stop your Nitro subscription on your phone, first launch the Discord application on your phone.

In the bottom bar of Discord, tap your profile’s icon.

Then, on the “User Settings” page, click “Manage Subscription.”

Within the “Discord Nitro” banner, Tap “Cancel.”

Select “Cancel Subscription” within the “Cancel Your Subscription” prompt.

After that, you’ve successfully removed yourself from paying for the Discord Nitro subscription. Take advantage of all the features for free of the chat application!

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