How to Cancel Automatic Payment on PayPal or Subscription | 2 Easy Ways

Cancel Automatic Payment on PayPal

All subscriptions have to expire at some point, I think, unless you are Netflix!

Aside from jokes, Cancel Automatic Payment on PayPal for you or your client is very simple.

This is a step-by-step guide to how to do it.

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Here’s What We’ll Cover:

How to Cancel Automatic Payment on PayPal

Canceling a Recurring Payment on PayPal as a Customer

How to Cancel Automatic Payment on PayPal or Subscription | 2 Easy Ways

Let’s begin with the consumer’s perspective. It’s a paid subscription with PayPal. PayPal account. You’re now looking to get out. Do these things, and you will be liberated!

Pre-Tutorial Question: Do You Have a PayPal Account?

PayPal lets businesses create subscription payments for anyone, regardless of whether they have an existing PayPal account. If you already have an account, you are able to remove the automatic payments by yourself by following the steps below.

If you do not have a PayPal account, then you’ll have to reach out to the business directly to request the cancellation of your automated payments.

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How to Cancel an Automatic Billing Agreement on PayPal?

How to Cancel Automatic Payment on PayPal or Subscription | 2 Easy Ways
  1. Log in to your PayPal account using your regular password.
  2. On the upper left-hand side at the top of your page, you’ll be able to see on the left side of the page the “settings” tab. Click it.
  3. Within your account settings, select “payments.”
  4. In the section of “payments,” you’ll find “manage pre-approved payments.” You’ll also discover scheduled and recurring payments. So if an unaccounted for amount of money appears to have disappeared from your bank account, You can find the source of the problem in this section. It could be a faulty subscription or an upcoming payment you didn’t notice.
  5. Choose the Payment you wish to remove. Near the Payment, you will see the”cancel subscription” button. It could be simply a “cancel” button or “cancel automatic billing.”
  6. Follow the steps to confirm the cancellation of your subscription.

Canceling a Recurring Payment on PayPal as an Online Merchant

A customer has asked to stop their monthly Payment to your company. It’s a bit sad to let a customer go; however, many more! Canceling a recurring payment plan from your side is easy:

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How to Cancel a Customer’s Automatic Billing Agreement on PayPal

How to Cancel Automatic Payment on PayPal or Subscription | 2 Easy Ways
  1. Log in to the account of your PayPal business account using the same credentials as you normally use
  2. Your PayPal dashboard should include an easy links section once you log in. In the dashboard, you’ll find “recurring payments.” Click on that.
  3. If it’s not listed in your quick links dashboard, you can locate you by hovering above your Pay and the Get Paid tab. In the ” accept payments section,” you will find “subscriptions.” Click to activate that.
  4. In the subscriptions section, You will find the active subscriptions you have to date. They’re identified as “active profiles.” Look for your customer’s name on the list. You can also search with your customer’s subscriber ID.
  5. Click on the subscription plan that you wish to cancel and view the complete information. There will be a cancellation button to cancel the subscription.
  6. Follow the steps to confirm. Your customer will receive an email informing them they will end at the expiration of the current cycle. This means that even if your customer cancels their subscription mid-way through the payment cycle and they do not receive benefit from their membership until the period closes. This is the case for the monthly Payment as also biweekly payments. The payment contract you sign may differ.

Note: If a customer changes their mind, it is not possible to renew the subscription at your side. This is in order to stop fraud, which is logical! Imagine if a company were to begin charging you for services again at will.

To renew their subscription, they must wait for the current cycle of payments to expire. After that, they can join with their email and information. The subscription will continue unless they decide to cancel at some point in the future.

Key Takeaways

I’ve personally utilized PayPal as a member payments management system in the past. I found it an easy process to establish. It’s as easy as unsubscribing them. If you’re okay with the cost PayPal costs, it’s an excellent payment option for subscription businesses.

I hope this article on canceling subscriptions has been helpful to you.

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