How to Burn the Thorns Elden Ring

How to Burn the Thorns Elden Ring

If you make it to Elden Ring, your progress will be impeded by thorns. This is an important part the game’s overall plot development, even though you may not be aware. These key plot details will be revealed if we don’t reveal them here. We’ll instead describe the steps without going into spoiler territory. Here are the steps to help you burn the thorns in the Erdtree passageway.

You must offer kindling to the Forge of the Giants in order to burn the thorns that surround the Elden Throne. This is a crucial event in Elden Ring and will occur naturally as you play the game. When the time is right, you’ll have the option of burning the thorns.

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How to Burn the Thorns Elden Ring

These steps might surprise players who don’t know what to do next if they get lost. Melina will give you a Rold Medallion after speaking to you. This is an important item for your entry into the Mountaintops of the Giants. The Forge of Giants is your next destination. It’s guarded by the Fire Giant. If you defeat him, you will gain access to the Forge of the Giants. Talk to Melina at The Site of Grace.

Melina will ask you to do a “cardinal Sin” in order to avoid spoilers. Then, a huge scene will unfold. Your character will then be transported to the Crumbling Farum Azula region. To continue the story, you will need to kill Maliketh, Black Blade. The Royal Capital will undergo some changes, and then it will be time for you to return to the Elden Throne.

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