How To Block Someone on Discord | 3 Easy Methods

Block Someone on Discord

The Internet lets us be in touch with millions of people across the globe. The drawback is that it lets us remain in touch with millions of people across the globe, but most of them are just jerks. Then how can you Block Someone on Discord.

Anybody who’s played with an open chat understands how abrasive and socially unprepared some individuals could be. Even in a group of friends, there could be some whose behaviors are problematic and make the game less enjoyable for everyone.

If someone is spouting off in messages, threatening to block chats, out abusive messages, or is just an overall annoyance, This kind of harmful behavior can become very overtime. Therefore, you could be seeking a way to shut them out or else be able to avoid dealing with the person.

If you’re using Discord to host your chats, there are tools to help you control individuals whose behavior poses problems. I’ll demonstrate how you can disable, silence, or ban people out of your chat in this post.

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Know Your Options

Block Someone on Discord

In dealing with toxic individuals in Discord, there are many options available. This includes blocking, muffling, and deafening the user, kicking, or even banning the user. While all of these options could aid in dealing with problematic individuals, however, they each have a different function.

Blocking users blocks the user from being able to communicate with you through text. However, they will be able to see your messages and view your online status.

Muting is like muting, but it is only for speaking channels. The user you muted can’t speak to the channel, but they can listen to what chatters are saying.

Deafen also uses the voice channel and stops users from hearing what’s being spoken.

Kicking is the process of being booted completely off the server or channel. But, the user can be reinstated to the server after the Kick if invited back.

Banning is considered to be the most severe amount of sanction. The banned user is taken from the server and unable to return. Administrators can decide to erase their server’s messages over the past 24 hours or seven days if the administrator thinks that the contributions of the user were harmful enough to need to be removed.

The decision to stop, mute, or even ban a user is an option for you as your server administrator. Whatever option you choose, follow this article to discover how to implement it.

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How to Block Someone on Discord

If you’re trying to block someone on Discord, Here’s how you can accomplish it:

  1. Enter the name of the user’s profile within Direct Message. Direct Message app.
  2. Click the three-dot menu icon on the right side on the right side of your profile.
  3. Select Block.

The blocked person can view your messages and will always be able to view your status. However, they won’t be able to contact or reply via Discord. It’s an efficient way to eliminate unwelcome noise from your life. However, it’s not completely foolproof. This is especially useful when you don’t wish to be disturbed by a spammer on chats.

What Happens if You Block Someone on a Discord Server?

Block Someone on Discord

You aren’t able to stop someone from a specific Discord server. However, you can block a user by accessing that person’s profile and then blocking them separately. If the user you’ve blocked lives on that same server, your messages will show to be “Message from a blocked person.” The person you blocked will view your messages, even if they’ve blocked you also.

One way of ensuring that you do stop them from being able to see their messages is to remove their account from your server. If you do not have admin permission to do so and you’re not sure, ask the administrator to expel them off. If not, the alternative is to uninstall the server so that they don’t view your messages.

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What does the other person notice when you block the Person on Discord?

The other person can view your messages, but they cannot send an email directly to you and you. The message will appear in the DMs, “You cannot send messages to a user you have blocked.” They’ll see an identical message.

Since the person you block can still read any messages you have sent, this method doesn’t work well when you’re trying to stop communicating with the person. Instead, the user will have to try one of the other options.

How can you block messages from non-friends on Discord?

Block Someone on Discord

On Desktop

  1. Right-click the individual’s name.
  2. Select Profile.
  3. If you are on their page, just click on the three dots on the right-hand side of their profile.
  4. Click Block.

On Mobile:

  1. Select and hold on to the names of the person.
  2. In their profiles, you can click on the three dots on the right-hand side of the screen.
  3. Click Block.

How to Mute Someone in Discord

Muting is also simple. Muting causes the person to not be able to talk to you using the phone channel.

  1. Look up the user’s user name on the list of users.
  2. Just right-click the name of the user.
  3. From the contextual menu, choose the Mute button.

Anyone you’ve had a problem with is no longer able to communicate with you via voice chat.

How to Deafen Someone in Discord

Deafening can stop someone who is hearing you talk. Be aware that deafening automatically includes muting. Muting is a way to not deafen. You cannot deafen without muting.

  1. Locate the person’s name on the profile on the list of users.
  2. Just right-click the name of the user.
  3. Within the menu context, choose the Deafen button.

This is the best option to choose when you wish to restrict someone’s ability to speak with you via voice chat.

(Do you require a headset for listening to people who aren’t deafening? We suggest giving the Gaming headset RUNMUS for a test!)

How to Kick Someone in Discord

If muting and deafening one person isn’t enough to keep the person from bothering you? You’ll have to get rid of them. Based on the Discord position on the server, you might or may not be able to do this.

Follow these steps for doing so:

  1. Locate the person’s user name on the list of users.
  2. Just right-click the name of the user.
  3. From the menu context, select Kick.
  4. Input the reason for kicking them. Discord will let them know the reason they were kicked. You can also make it a mystery.

How to Ban Someone in Discord

The solution to your troll issue is to remove them. Follow these steps to stop one or more of them:

  1. Locate the person’s name on the profile in the user list.
  2. Click right-click the name of the user.
  3. From the contextual menu, choose the Ban button.
  4. Input the reason for prohibiting them. You can also decide on the amount (if any) of their history of messages to eliminate.

How to Report Someone in Discord

Based on the content that other people contribute to Discord, you can be able to report the user. Discord is a strict platform with terms and conditions that establish guidelines for community members. Like other social media platforms, they are usually a sign of negative language, exploiting minors, etc.

If you think Discord should know about something that someone posted, take these instructions to file a report:

  1. Go to the server you’re managing and click on the ‘Appearance’ tab.
  2. Right-click upon the surname of the perpetrator and choose “Copy ID” (this could be an 18 or 17 number ID) and then paste it into a secure place
  3. Click on three dots to the offensive message. press copy the ID Copy this to a place in a safe place
  4. Right-click the server and press copy ID.
  5. Go to the Discord Trust & Safety Team site to fill out the report.

The team will look over the information and perform an IP ban on the user if the content violates the community’s guidelines.

If I block someone, will they still view my messages?

When you have blocked someone and are on the same system, the other user can view your messages. Your messages will appear as hidden, but those who are blocked can open your message and view the contents.

Do I know if they’ve been blocked?

There is a yes and nay. Discord doesn’t notify the user to inform them that you’re blocked. The user will be aware because you won’t show as a friend on their list, and if you’re on the same server, a message will pop up telling the user they’ve been blocked by Discord.

How can I remove someone’s block on Discord?

There’s more information on how to do this here; however, if you go into the Discord Friends list, you will be able to view those you’ve blocked. From there, you can unblock a user.

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