How to Beat Astel Elden Ring 

How to Beat Astel Elden Ring 

We will be showing you how to beat Astel Elden Ring. This boss fight can be difficult, so please read the guide.

Queen Marika has a tree called the Erdtree in her realms. It is home to spirit-like creatures known as “grace,” which was once mortal being. The queen blessed all twelve of her children, five daughters and seven sons, with these “powers,” which allowed them to become immortal gods.

Each child took one shard to wear around their neck. Every time they used this grace and power, they became more powerful. Eventually, they all went mad and got into conflict. This is called “The Shattering.” Similar to the previous point, many bosses are extremely powerful and can be difficult to beat. Today, we’re going to talk about one of the most challenging bosses in the game.

Astel, Naturalborn the Void, is a powerful boss who inflicts massive damage on all players who come into direct contact with it. You must be prepared to fight it with weapons and armor. It only takes one hit before your health bar runs out completely. You should avoid this at all costs.

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How to Beat Astel Elden Ring 

Astel is limited to one phase. However, don’t be discouraged. This bird will fly right past you and strike you before your eyes even open. It might be difficult for you to know where he is due to Astel’s ability to hide in clouds. To eliminate Astel, practice your attacks before being overwhelmed by her spirit.

Astel’s attacks may kill you or drop your HP low enough to make the fight feel more difficult. Imagine 100 sub characters, each with level items. This can be very challenging, especially if you don’t know what you should look for.

Once you’re close to Astel, lock onto Astel. Then start attacking. If you keep your distance from Astel, the boss will attempt to summon a Purple Bomb that will do damage around it. As the bomb is about ready to explode, Astel teleports further back into the arena. You will need to make another trip to the boss before you can start again. Astel will create purple orbs from this point forward before any attack.

Every attack is different in shape and direction, so pay attention to the orbs to see where they are going. Three strikes are the most dangerous. Each strike will cause a circle to form on the ground and expand with each subsequent one. You can either dodge the blast or simply run away. To avoid this attack, Astel begins to levitate high in the air. Before landing and delivering its one-two-three blasts, purple orbs appear in each of its six arms.

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A fatal stage

Astel is near death at this stage of the battle. He is, therefore, on a rampage. He is desperate to end his own life as quickly as possible, but before that happens, he uses Anti Gravity to spread whatever power he still has. It will send him flying in the air and then land you hard on the ground. You can’t avoid this attack, and even if it seems like you are able to dodge it initially, there is nothing you can do after you have fallen.

You can see a few pillars around him during the attack. These pillars, though small in size, will let you know which direction to go for the next Anti Gravity attack. This will make it less destructive. This is how to defeat Astel Elden ring.

What do you do after the fight is over?

Once Astel is defeated, the Site of Grace will appear. The exit located behind the boss will also become accessible. This leads to a sealed location that you must open after receiving the Dark Moon Ring. You can get it during Ranni’s quest at the end.

The Raya Lucaria Grand Library has the Ring. This will allow you access to the treasury that contains the lost moon key. You can use this key to unlock Limgrave’s lower levels and break a seal on the pressure plates in that direction. The plate activates an elevator that takes you to Limgrave that you cannot otherwise access. There you will be able to complete Ranni’s quest and gain access to all the details of the Age of Stars.

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