How to aim crossbow in Elden Ring

How to aim crossbow in Elden Ring

This video will show you how to aim your Crossbow within Elden Ring. There are also a few other things to know about Crossbows.

Crossbows are a ranged weapon you can use to do damage from a distance. We have some guides that will help you find the best bows and where to buy more. We will look at how to aim your crossbow inside the Elden Ring. These are the steps to follow.

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How to aim crossbow in Elden Ring

You must equip your crossbow in Elden Ring as a Two-Hand Weapon to be able to aim. Simply holding it with one hand (or another weapon such as a sword) will not allow you to aim. This is how you do it:

  • First, make sure your weapon has been activated.
  • If you want to two hand your crossbow press Y + RB/Triangle+ R1. If you one-hand you weapon, you will end shooting for the hip. This works if your enemy is locked onto you.
  • However, if you wish to aim manually press L1 and LB.
  • To load a bolt in your crossbow, press R1 or R2 To load a bolt into your crossbow, press R1 or R2 once.
  • To shoot one type arrow/bolt, and to shoot another type, press R1 or RB.
  • You have two options: auto-aim, or manually aim (which is better).
  • Remember to load your crossbows before you fire any shots.

Different types of crossbows

  • Crossbow for Soldiers
  • Light Crossbow
  • Heavy Crossbow
  • Arbalest
  • Crepus’ Black Key Crossbow
  • Pulley Crossbow
  • Crossbow Full Moon

The Light Crossbow can be purchased from the Nomadic merchant in Weeping Peninsula (east) for 1500 Runes. If you run out of Runes, you can purchase the Heavy Crossbow at Gate front by the soldiers.

This article will show you how to aim your crossbow within Elden Ring, as well as the different crossbows that are available. Gamer Tweak has many ER guides , so be sure to check it out.

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