How to Add Gift Card to Venmo | Best Guide For Visa, MasterCard and Gift Card

Add Gift Card to Venmo

Venmo is a popular credit card application that makes it simple to transfer and pay money through a social media touch. If you’ve received the gift of a gift card, and you are planning to add the gift card’s funds into the Venmo balance, you’re in the right spot.

This article will provide you with an abundance of details Add Gift Card to Venmo (including Visa Gift Card, Master Card, Gift Card) and transferring the funds from the gift card to the Venmo balance following each step.

It’s not difficult to join a bank’s debit card and connect them with your Venmo account. A gift card can be an issue of confusion. It’s because several gift cards are available on the market.

Certain of them have an unreadable value and are fixed at a price. Others permit you to refill with the Card. You can buy gift cards at retail stores such as 7-Eleven, including Vanilla Visa Gift Card, Walmart Visa-branded Gift Card, Secure Spend Gift Card, and Mastercard gift cards.

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What is Venmo Gift Card?

Gift cards are generally prepaid cards that may not be connected with a banking account. It is usually only for one-time use.

According to the Venmo website, Venmo allows you to join debit, credit card, and network-branded prepaid Card (e.g. American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa) registered under your name as payment methods.

In theory, if you own the gift card of any of these brands, you can connect this credit card to the Venmo account as an alternative payment method and use the Card.

Add Gift Card to Venmo

But, there’s an issue.

The Venmo website discusses situations: “The card issuer or Venmo may decline cards due to cash availability or other to prevent fraud. In addition, certain credit cards need a ZIP code to be connected to the account .”

Some gift cards might allow you to use them only on purchases from specific merchants. They might not support being used with Venmo as an option for payment.

Putting a gift card in and then using it on Venmo is somewhat of a hit-and-miss. Certain gift cards are compatible with using Venmo, but other cards might encounter issues.

Let’s look at how you can include a gift card on Venmo.

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Steps to Add Gift Card to Venmo | MasterCard, Visa and other Gift Card

  • Launch the Venmo App and click on the You tab to start the menu (single person icon )
  • The next step is to go next to ” Settings” (gear icon)
  • Then, tap ” Payment Methods” (bank icon) from the options list.
  • Next, tap to ” Add a Bank or Credit Card.”
  • Choose “Card” to include in the gift Card
  • Enter the details of the gift card, including the 16-digit number. And expiration date, etc.

To enter a Zip Code, you can use the same one that you used to register or activate a card through the website using the address.

(see below for more information on locating the zip code of the gift card)

When the gift card is successfully added to the account, it will appear in the ” Payment Methods” section, generally in the form of a prepaid card.

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Finding the Zip Code to use with your Visa Gift Card

Finding the Zip Code to use with your Visa Gift Card

When you add an item to a gift card via Venmo, you will be asked to enter your Zip Code of the Card. To get this information, you should look at the gift card’s back. It usually contains a web link for the provider of the Card or a phone number. To make balance or transactions questions. The website or the phone can also be used to sign up and activate your Card.

If you choose to go to this website, it will lead you to a webpage that contains an icon or link that allows you to verify your Card. (make sure that you access the genuine website as stated in the reverse of your Card. Do not conduct a search to prevent the risk of logging into a fraudulent website). This will prompt you to enter your gift card details, such as card number, CVV number, the expiration date, and CVV.

When you enter your details and log in to the Card, you will be able to find a section that permits you to change the address information, including the Zip Code details. If for any reason, you encounter an error or aren’t capable of updating the zip code, then you can call on the number. That is printed in the reverse of your gift card to seek assistance on the same.

Some gift cards do not provide the option to change your Zip Code on their website. It is possible to try using the Zip card to your account in such instances.

In reality, most cards require you to sign up your gift card with the site for it to be activated. If you do not finish this process, it could be the reason behind your Card being declined in the transaction.

On some cars, you don’t see the option to change the zip code. If this is the case, simply enter the zip code of your location when you add this to Venmo.

Locating the PIN of the Gift Card

Locating the PIN of the Gift Card

If you opt to use your gift card to conduct a transaction with any specific retailer, for example, Starbucks or a certain retailer, for example. (instead of transferring it to Venmo) you might be required to enter the PIN of your gift card. It is possible to set your gift card by consulting the directions on the inside of the Card. Most gift cards permit the setting of the PIN you want to use.

Wrap up

Adding a gift card to Venmo is similar to how you add a debit card. Gift cards are prepaid credit cards, and Venmo typically supports card types as payment methods. Venmo can also be well-known to support NetSpend cards.

But, it’s not a guarantee that a card could not be able to use payment methods. The only way to test this is to try adding to a gift card by following the above steps and hoping it will work.

If your gift card does not function with Venmo, You can look into alternatives like PayPal, which is believed to be more accommodating of prepaid cards.

It is also possible to reach for Venmo support to address specific issues.

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