How to Add an Admin to Your Facebook Page, and manage your page roles

How to Add an Admin to Your Facebook Page, and manage your page roles

Whether your brand page is managed Facebook or your personal page on Facebook ; sometimes, you will need a group of people to edit and publish content, view information about your followers and much more.

Facebook allows you to add people to your page once you have created it. You can do this with different permission levels. An admin is the role that has the most permissions. This is how you add admins to your page.


How do you add an administrator to your Facebook page

1. Go to your Facebook Page. Scroll down to the bottom of the sidebar menu and click “Settings.”Click “Settings” to the left of your page.Grace Eliza Goodwin/Insider

2. This will take to the Page Settings menu. Scroll down to the bottom of the left-hand sidebar menu and click “Page roles.”

3. Start typing the name you wish to assign to the page in the “Assign A New Page Role” section. You can select the person you wish to assign from the dropdown menu.

4. To open a dropdown menu with different roles, click the box beside their names.

5 Select the “Admin” option from the dropdown menu.Choose “Admin” from this list.

5. An alert will appear reminding you that you are adding an admin to your Page. They’ll have the same rights as you to make changes to this Page.

6. Once you’ve found the correct name, click “Add.” Facebook will prompt you to enter your password again to confirm that it is you who has made the change.

7. The person’s name will now appear under “Existing Pages Roles” with a red “pending message next to it.

8. After the notification has been received, the person can accept it and their role will be listed under the “Existing Page Roles”. This section shows each person who is a member of your page and their permissions. You can have one editor and one administrator.The number of permissions an individual has allows page roles to be organized.

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This menu can be used to modify the permissions of each individual on your page. If you already have an Editor, click on the “Edit” button to change their permissions to administrator.

Click “Edit” to open a dropdown menu that allows you to choose another role for the person. You don’t have to add them again to your page. This menu section can be used to remove people from your pages.

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