How To Add a Linktree to Your TikTok Bio

How To Add a Linktree to Your TikTok Bio

TikTok has been gradually rolling out the capability to users to include links on their TikTok bios. Some Linktree users who have access to this feature are already experiencing growth in traffic coming from TikTok!

The new feature allows users to utilize their Linktree to direct their TikTok users to brand-new products, content, and brand partnerships, as their other social media channels and much more.

It’s first important to know that TikTok does not allow most users to create bio website hyperlinks. TikTok keeps its criteria on who is eligible to use the feature, but they have confirmed to us that all accounts for businesses have access to this feature.

Also, it appears that verified users and users with more than 1000 followers can gain access to the feature.

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Here’s how you can include the Linktree in your TikTok profile:

Step 1

You can copy your Linktree URL. However, it’s the easiest. You can always download the URL of your Linktree through your administrator account by clicking on the ‘Share button on the upper right.

Step 2

Log in to TikTok, go to your profile page, and click “Edit your profile.”

Step 3

If the profile you’re using on your TikTok profile can include a bio link, you’ll notice the “Website” field, in addition to the rest alternatives in the “Edit profile” screen “Edit Profile” screen. It’s like this:

If your bio linking isn’t disabled on the TikTok profile, the “Website” field won’t show up.

Step 4 (if this applies to you)

If TikTok does not have the website field, you’re looking for, changing your profile to one that is a business account will ensure that you can include a Linktree on the TikTok bio. Suppose you’re a professional (or an individual creator who wants to be identified as an organization) and would prefer to have a link from your bio on TikTok. In that case, it’s an excellent way to do it.

When you add Linktree as a link in the bio of your TikTok profile, you’re offering the users of TikTok the chance to join the entire online ecosystem via one link!

That’s it! The profile and videos on your TikTok Profile and your videos are live through your Linktree.

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How do you show the details of your TikTok profile and your videos on your Linktree

Uploading your TikTok videos is much easier with the TikTok Profile Link App. This feature lets you show your TikTok profile and as many as six TikTok videos. Your followers can stream your videos right through your Linktree.

Make sure you showcase your profile and then embed the video to provide an entertaining experience your followers won’t resist.

You can use one of our paid plans, and it is possible to use one of our Spotlight Link options, which means that your TikTok video link will open the moment a user can access your Linktree.

How to include a TikTok Account Link App

  1. On your Linktree Administrator, click on the Explore icon.
  2. Locate your TikTok Application Profile Link within the Share your Content section.
  3. Click Add to next on the TikTok Profile option.
  4. Give your link a Title.
  5. Click Add TikTok account to join your TikTok account.
  6. Follow the instructions to sign in to your TikTok account. Then click Authorize to grant Linktree permission to access your TikTok account.
  7. A message informing you that you’ve linked to your account will be displayed. You can add an integration name to make it easier to connect.
  8. Within the Link Behavior section, choose the option that you’d like to show your profile. You can also choose to go directly to the URL.
    1. The videos option will be displayed if you choose to Display your TikTok profile and videos. Choose at least six video clips in order you’d like displayed. Click Save.
    2. If you choose to Display the TikTok profile exclusively, you will see your profile information within the Linktree. A Follow On TikTok button will be displayed to your users to encourage them to follow your profile.

Tip: You can create another account if you already have several TikTok accounts you wish to show in your Linktree.

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How to add a TikTok Video Link Application

  1. In your Linktree Administrator, Click on the Explore icon.
  2. Tip A: You can cut and paste the TikTok URL for your video to start your TikTok link detection and establish your link.
  3. Locate your TikTok Video Link App in the Share your Content section.
  4. Choose Add after the option TikTok choice for video.
  5. Paste a TikTok video URL into the field with the URL.
  6. A brand new TikTok icon with settings will be displayed below your video’s URL.
  7. Choose the option to display. Choose the option Display a TikTok video. If you would like to directly link to your TikTok, then you should choose the option Go directly to URL.

You’re all done! You’re done! TikTok film will appear right on your Linktree.

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