How To Activate Primary Ps5? How Can I Make Ps5 primary console?

How To Activate Primary Ps5? How Can I Make Ps5 primary console?

When you activate an account on a PlayStation allows each account to use games and applications purchased with only one account. It also permits sharing PS Plus, an option we’ve all heard of that is required for online gaming. This is all great and well however, there’s an option to allow offline sharing and play. Today, we’ll discuss the steps to activate the PS5 as the primary console for online play and share.

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Make a PS5 the primary console To Share Consoles and Offline Play

This feature has been in use for quite some time after the launch of PS5’s predecessor PS4. A few have been found to be abusing this feature since it allows every account to gain the ability to play all of their games however, since the time, Sony has introduced some security options.

The feature can no longer be used as often as it was in the past. However we should give props to Sony for allowing you to access all of your games across multiple accounts.

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In any case, if you wish to enable the PS5 as the primary console for playing offline and sharing, here is how to do it:

  1. Switch up your PS5.
  2. Setups can be found on the menu at the top.
  3. Go to Accounts and Users.
  4. Select Other, and click on Console Share and Offline Play’.
  5. When the prompt is displayed you need to click on “Enable”.

In essence, this will set the PS5 as the primary device even though that doesn’t seem to be the situation. There’s another method to select a console to be primary, however there’s an offline option.

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Additionally, this will not impact your main PS4 If you have one set. This is only applicable to the console you’re currently altering the settings of.

It is apparent that PS Plus’s free games PS Plus are also accessible to other accounts on the device regardless of whether you have access to the Internet or not. However they must be installed and downloaded before use.

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