Easy Steps to Achieve all Discord Party Mode Achievements

Easy Steps to Achieve all Discord Party Mode Achievements

Discord celebrates its seventh anniversary with a new Party Mode and many new features. Here’s how to Achieve all Discord Party Mode Achievements.

Today marks seven years since Discord was founded. The communication and organizing platform offers some exclusive features and merchandise for a short time.

Discord will go into “Party Mode” today. This will feature features like screen shakers and confetti to get users immersed in the party and new Achievements for them to chase. Discord’s birthday celebration will continue through Monday.

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Here are the Steps to Achieve all Discord Party Mode Achievements

Easy Steps to Achieve all Discord Party Mode Achievements

Note: Combo Score- Simply typing letters at a rapid rate will increase your combo score. Press enter at the correct amount to achieve the achievement.

The multiplier for combos – You just need to spam multiple messages until you reach x7

  • What is this thing? – Enable Party Mode
  • Disable Party Mode – The IT solution
  • Are you looking for me? @mention someone
  • *Discord Notification Sound* – Get the @mentioned
  • Get ready for trouble.
  • and Make It Double — Increase your Combo multiplier up to x4
  • A Puebla Party – Increase your Combo multiplier by x5.
  • Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!
  • Still, stuck in character creation? – Scroll down to Confetti Section and change some settings to unlock the achievement.
  • More! More!
  • Do you still need me? Score 64 Combo Score
  • Travel through Time – Get 88 Combo Score
  • 80’s pop Score 99 Combo Score
  • Animation fan Score 113 Combo Score
  • Two birds with one stone – Score Score 430 Combo Score
  • Klondike cell – Score 5555 Combo Score
  • It will be the best – Score 898 Combo Score.
  • Be elite – Score 1337 Combo Score.
  • A Slide Pizzle – Score 2048 Combo Score
  • Enter to win a free prize

If you need any help, check out the video below!

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Discord’s new merchandise and giveaways

Easy Steps to Achieve all Discord Party Mode Achievements

The platform also launched a variety of unique products to its online store and will be hosting free Discord Nitro giveaways this weekend.

To help with the weekend’s activities, endorsers have been recruited by Hannahxxrose and Kate Bacon, as well as Yvonne Na and J David Alvarez. Although details of their participation were not disclosed, they are most likely to engage in social media or sponsored streams.

Discord has become the most popular voice communication and group administration software for gamers. Microsoft is believed to have been in talks to acquire the company last year. These discussions ended in April 2021.

Last year, it was announced that the company is developing a few new features which will signal a shift in the direction of the platform. It was intended to make the platform more social through discovery tools and paid live music events.

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