How to Access Elden Ring’s Secret Region

How to Access Elden Ring's Secret Region

Attention This page contains important spoilers for the final match of Elden Ring.

When you are nearing the end of Elden Ring’s tale, you’ll find that a huge part of your map missing. You will see an unidentified road that seems to be leading to Leyndell, Royal Capital as well as an Map Stele, but there is no way to get access to these maps.

Below is an explanation of what you need to know and how you can be permitted to enter this area.

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How to Get the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right)

The search for the hidden region of Haligtree starts within the Liurnia of the Lakesregion. Explore Albinauric Village. Albinauric Village, located beneath the huge plateau to the south of the Academy of Raya Lucaria. In this area, you’ll find an old man who is mourning the loss of the village and begs someone called Albus to go away.

This is your clue that there could be some more in this little village. Go up the hill in front of the ghost, and take out the Perfumer enemy who is guarding the top. You will see behind him an odd-looking container. You can roll it over to reveal the secret NPC Albus.

Albus will reveal that he’s held an exclusive medallion with the hope that he can give it to an Albinauric called Lanna who is en route to the promised land. Albus will present you with an Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right) and request that you pass it to Latenna when you happen to cross her way.

The first medallion is half in your possession, return with the first half in hand to return Roundtable Hold in which a special event awaits you. Then you will be transported to a unique version of the Hold , where Esha The Royal Remains will come after you. In the event that you defeat him, you will be returned to the regular Roundtable Hold. You will be given the exclusive Clenching Bone weapons.

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Go straight to the room of Sir Gideon and you’ll see an item in the room where Ensha stood prior to. It’s The royal Remains armour set.

In the room, talk to Sir Gideon and inquire about Ensha. Sir Gideon will apologize and give you a hand in your quest to find the second half of the medallion. He informs you that Latenna has hidden an underground cave that lies west of the Laskyar Ruins located in south Liurnia.

The teleporter will take you to Laskyar Ruins Site of Grace or another near Site of Grace, and take a straight route to the area shown in the above map. It is located beneath a rock formation close to on the water’s bottom. You will come across an opening in the cave that opens towards Lakeside Crystal Cave. Lakeside Crystal Cave.

Take a walk through the cave, following the path and then dropping down to the ledges that are deeper into the cave at any time it seems like you’ve reached an end. Near the bottom you’ll encounter the Bloodhound Knight mini-boss. These enemies are swift but are vulnerable to being punished by Guard Counter when you’ve got a solid shield. You’ll receive the Cerulean Amber Medallion when you defeat him.

Escape the cave by the runnel at the back of the boss’s room. This will lead you to the Slumbering Wolf’s Shack in which Latenna is sleeping with her Wolf Lobo (you will also discover an Site of Grace and Rune Arc here). Contact Latenna and show her the other half of the medallion in order to earn her trust.

Talk to her once more and be willing to listen to her request. She will tell you why she wants you to accompany her to the lands of the forbidden that lie in northern Africa, precisely which we’re trying to go. Speak to her one more time, and she will be alongside you, as the Ash object latenna, the Albinauric.

You will require access to the Mountaintops of the Giants for the next quest that is available after you have completed Leyndell, Royal Capital and the boss.

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How to Get the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right)

Once you’ve finished Leyndell in order to gain access to Mountaintops of the Giants you will be able to visit Castle Sol, situated at the base of the cliffs, in the northeastern part of this area.

This is a difficult Dungeon. You’ll encounter two of the most powerful Lion enemies in the gate and many invisibly armed stormhawks, soldiers, turrets and teleporting knights.

In the end, you’ll be fighting the boss of the dungeon commander Niall and two knights he summoned. It is important to take down the knights first. Start with the faster dual-wielding knight. It is simple to distinguish him from the crowd, Then abuse it with Guard Counters. A shield that has an ability called the Barricade Shield ability does wonders in this situation.

Commando Niall appears to receive an immense boost in strength after his enemies have been defeated. Therefore, at this point you are able to eliminate the second knight in the same way, or take Commander Niall on as an all-out two-on-one. I suggest just killing the knight , and then dealing with Niall’s increased strength in exchange for an easier fight.

For a guy of his size, Niall is extremely mobile, sporting a number of jumps and dashes that allow him to cross the field quickly. If you require time to rest or recharge your endurance, make sure you do it while Niall is cooling off from an attack, and not when he is charging one up or you’re most likely to get caught by surprise.

If he starts charging upwards, throwing a shower of snow it is best to slow down. These attacks are extremely powerful and some of them can hit all over the arena. It’s best to go back and allow yourself an additional reaction time, and an opportunity to punish the rest of the time.

Watch out at his blades that are electric too that are powerful, yet extremely telegraphed, making them simple to avoid and even punish. He usually follows his more powerful strikes with weaker spear attacks. These are the best opportunities to block and incorporate an Guard Counter or several times in one combination.

If you defeat him, you’ll get an award of the Veterans Prosthesis weapons. You can exit the entrance at the back of the arena , and go up the stairs to the top of the hill where there is a ghost to hear, along with The Haligtree Hidden Medallion (Left).

With both pieces of the medallion on your hands, you will be able to return to the end of the Grand Lift of Rold which is where you’ll be able of “Hoist secret medallion”. This action will trigger the lift to transport passengers towards The Lands Between’s final secret area, Miquella’s Haligtree. You may also return and inform Sir Gideon you have found the medallion. He will be rewarded with information as well as an incantation called the The Black Flame’s Protector Incantation.

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