How much endurance do you need in Elden Ring

How much endurance do you need in Elden Ring

The issue is has been around for as long as time. Everyone will be in agreement. It all depends on the build. I was 35 at the time of my death.

The way that the R1 strings function, you can only complete only a certain amount at a time. I’d say you should have enough for all of your R1’s and skid once or twice. If you are a fan of shields frequently, you may need more.

25 is sufficient to play the final game. 20 is fine too.

The weight of your armor or weapon will depend on how much you’d like to employ.¬†There are talismans available to assist with weight too.I’m not economically viable.

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How much endurance do you need in Elden Ring?

I was able to take on a full set of armor for veterans as well as a golden greatshield as well as the fang of the bloodhound, maintaining a medium weight. I’m not sure of the amount 40ish. A huge stamina bar is quite handy also, as there are a lot of instances when I’m looking to deplete several combos, and also be capable of rolling or blocking following.

Then I reached a level 160 when I completed playing (164 after having spent the runes left from the last boss) and I was able to accumulate points to spend. When playing melee, my focus was to increase my vigor and endurance and when I reached 60 vigor, and had enough endurance to handle all my gear Then I was able to throw points toward the scaling of damage.

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whatever amount you’ll have to work with the equipment you require and you must be able to carry a moderate charge.

Endurance is a fantastic stat, as it gives the ability to sustain and load equipment. It was stamina only in the past. If you are able to get an extra few minutes before running out of stamina, that’s 20 percent increase in damage per second. The endurance boost can increase your damage up to a greater extent than damage statistics. Plus extra dodges. I believe I had around 35 endurance by the level of 80 when I was the str build.

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