How Many People Blocked Me on Twitter? 3 Easy Method

How Many People Blocked Me on Twitter?

You could be reading this post because you are looking for an answer to your query about how many people have blocked my account on Twitter. I guarantee you’ll find the correct answer about How Many People Blocked Me on Twitter? Twitter offers the option to ban other Twitter users who are teasing you.

Many celebrities, politicians or sports stars make headlines when they remove Twitter users. Someone who has been blocked cannot see the replies, tweets and media mentions of the people that blocked them.

Twitter can’t follow an account that is blocked from your account. You’re missing his future messages and tweets by not following an account. In this situation, you can’t include him in future tweets.

There is no notification when you block someone. However, you can read our blog post to learn how many people I’ve had banned on Twitter.

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How Many People Blocked Me on Twitter

How Many People Blocked Me on Twitter?

How can I determine the number of accounts that blocked me from Twitter? It’s a shame that Twitter does not provide an easy way to find out the number of people who blocked me on Twitter. I looked around but couldn’t locate any useful third-party Twitter block-checker.

However, you can verify every account you follow manually, but you won’t see their tweets on your feed. I’m sure it’s time-consuming; however, the only way to know how many people have blocked you on Twitter is to do it manually.

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How can I determine the number of people who have blocked me from Twitter?

Want to know the number of people you blocked on Twitter.

Method 1

This method works perfectly for all. Follow the steps below to determine how many people block you from Twitter.

  • Install the app Twitter on your smartphone. Or, go to the Twitter website is accessible via your web browser. (You must be registered)
  • Search for the search bar and then type in the person’s name or the Twitter username of someone with tweets that aren’t present in the feed.
  • If someone blocks you, it is impossible to see the user’s profile description, address, site, date of joining and tweets, replies, media, or likes. Unfortunately, you’ll get the message: ‘You’re blocked; you can’t follow or follow @twitterhandle’s Twitter feeds.’

Method 2

How Many People Blocked Me on Twitter?

I haven’t been able to find it to be helpful. However, you can visit Blolook’s website to determine how many accounts are blocked through Twitter.

  • Go to the Blolook website on the web browsing.
  • Log in to Twitter and allow ‘blolook’ to access your account.
  • Now, you will be able to check the accounts you blocked and mutual blocks and accounts you have blocked. Simply click on the right tab to view the information. Also, you can check the number distribution of accounts that are blocking you or blocking you.

You can find out how many people have blocked you via Twitter.

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How do I find the list of those blocked from my Twitter?

It is impossible to give the names of those who removed you from Twitter. If you are not receiving notifications or tweets from a specific account you’ve followed, check this account for the message “You’re blocked.’

Blocking in mass the use of Twitter?

How Many People Blocked Me on Twitter?

Facebook accounts as well as Instagram accounts can be blocked mass. However, Twitter employs a different method. Unfortunately, the official mass blocking of Twitter accounts isn’t feasible. Instead, you should check every profile and block each user.

But, don’t worry. The “Twitter BlockChain” helps block all followers you’re not following. It’s an extension for your browser, which you can install on Chrome and Firefox.

  • Set up the ” Twitter Block Chain extension in your browser
  • Log into Twitter and then go into your account.
  • Click the Following (or Followers).
  • Click on the extension icon’ on the toolbar in the browser.
  • After that, click the button that says ‘Run BlockChain.’
  • A warning screen will pop up with’ Are you sure you’re not blocking the entire page of users that you’re not following?
  • Click OK If you think you’re following the correct procedure.
  • You may hit the Done button to end this process.

How to find all blocked accounts

  • First, right-click the icon for the extension.
  • Then, you can click on it to open the options.
  • The page that is opened shows all users blocked.

There is the option to search people by their names. All data is stored located on your computer and not in the cloud.

How do I see the blocked account on Twitter?

Method 1

Sign to sign out and access all of those accounts that are blocked. Twitter accounts.

Method 2

If not, you can use the incognito mode within the Chrome browser or the private option in Safari or Firefox browsers.

After that, you can then open each blocked Twitter profile one at a time to view all tweets and actions.

While you won’t be able to look at a secure Twitter account but you will have a lock icon displayed on these accounts.

Can I stop someone from blocking me via Twitter?

You can block someone who has been blocked on Twitter. But it’s weird that you, him, or both block one another. It is possible to examine the profile and all actions if the account isn’t private.

Methods to block someone who had blocked your account on Twitter

  • Open the Twitter user’s profile.
  • Simply click on the three dots in the circle.
  • Select an alternative; Blocking Twitter handle @twitter
  • Confirm your action by clicking on”Block.”

You’ve blocked the user, so he cannot follow you nor see your tweets in your feed.

Can I remove someone’s block on Twitter?

Of course, you can remove someone from Twitter. It’s simple to do.

Method 1

  • Start to the account of the user who is blocked.
  • Hit the three dots in the circle.
  • Hit the Twitter handle that is blocked to unblock.
  • Make sure to confirm the operation by clicking on”Unblock.
  • You’ve removed the block on your user.

Method 2

  • Log into your account.
  • Click the”more” button in the right sidebar.
  • Select the settings and Privacy gear.
  • Find security and privacy and click it.
  • Under the tweet activity, you can click the Mute button and then block the
  • Click on blocked accounts, and you will see all blocked accounts on this page.

You can bypass these steps by using the below link:

  • Click the Blocked button to allow an individual.


Then, I’m able to say Twitter lets you block someone. However, it does not share the exact details of the number of people who blocked my account on Twitter. Do you have a suggestion for something not included in our report? Share your preferred Twitter blocker with our readers who would like to know the number of people who blocked your account on Twitter.

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