How Many Discord Servers You Can Join | Easy Ways To Get Past Limit)

Many Discord Servers You Can Join

Discord is one of the most used online chat programs. There are literally millions upon millions of chat communities and servers that you can join. It makes you wonder if there is a limit to How Many Discord Servers You Can Join .

It turns out that one Discord user can only join up to 100 Discord servers. But let’s find out if you have any options and why that limit was set in place.

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How Many Discord Servers You Can Join

How  Many Discord Servers You Can Join

Discord: A brief history

Discord Inc was founded in 2012. It is now almost ten years old. Rumors of Discord Inc. being acquired have surfaced recently. Discord was originally designed to be a chat app for gamers all over the globe (with live streaming, gaming integrations, and bots ). However, it has grown in popularity since the outbreak of the coronavirus. Online communities can set up their servers, much like Reddit’s subreddits. People can then join the Server and communicate with each other. The platform is used by nearly two hundred million people per month.

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Are There Any Restrictions On Discord Server Membership?

How Many Discord Servers You Can Join | Easy Ways To Get Past Limit)

There seems to be a limit to Discord server memberships. A single Discord user is limited to joining a maximum of 100 Discord servers at writing. If you have more than 100 Discord servers or communities you want to join, you will be out of luck. 100 is the maximum number of Discord Nitro users, including paid Nitro Classic users.

What is the Discord server limit?

Although they have previously answered similar questions, the Discord support and staff have not been able to give a clear answer as to why only 100 servers can be joined. Someone asked why there was a limit to the number of Discord users (and not vice versa). The Support website stated a member limit to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable user experience.

It comes down to bandwidth, complexity, and sharing resources with others: by allowing users to join unlimited servers, Discord server resources are freed up for other purposes and users. It’s a fair use policy – though many people complain that there are only 100 servers.

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Are there any other Discord server limits or caps?

How Many Discord Servers You Can Join | Easy Ways To Get Past Limit)

Yes. Discord Support’s average server member count is only about 100,000. Discord Support states that you can have as many as 100 000 users on a server. However, once you reach this point, it is time for Discord support to increase the server limit. If all criteria are met, a Discord team member will review the request and raise the member limit to 250,000. It is completely free, and no paid Nitro subscriptions nor Server Boosts are required.

Servers can only support 5000 users. Once you reach this limit, Discord support should be contacted to help move your Server to faster hardware. This will all be taken care of by the staff. This milestone will be reached around the same time you reach the server limit. A server can have 250 roles and no more than 500 channels. The list of offline members will be removed once there are more than a thousand members to a Discord server group. This is because it would be too long.

What happens if you attempt to join more than 100 Discord servers?

A simple error message will appear that states, “Invite expired”. The software will not tell you why you are allowed to join the site. This is because you have exceeded the allowed server limit.

How to join more Discord servers

How Many Discord Servers You Can Join | Easy Ways To Get Past Limit)

There is no way to join more than 100 Discord chat groups with one Discord user. This threshold cannot be exceeded by upgrading to a paid subscription.

What is the quick and easy solution?

To create a second Discord account, you will need to first create one. Although it may seem cumbersome, this is the only way to connect to more than 100 servers. It’s probably a good idea to organize your Discord servers. Perhaps some have gone out of business or become obsolete.

Happy Discord!

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