How Is Harmony Used In Floral Design

How Is Harmony Used In Floral Design

Red is associated with passion and love. Yellow is good for bringing out positive, bubbly emotions. Blue and white are calming and elicit feelings of calm. Visual art requires the use of colors correctly. Floral design is no exception! Color theory is the first step in designing stunning floral arrangements.

We’ve already looked at the history and different styles of flower arrangements. Now we will discuss the basics of floristry, including color and design. We’ll start with simple concepts like ROYGBIV. Then we’ll cover more complex principles of color combinations. This is all florists need to know about color theory.

Floral color wheel

Depending on the purpose of the color, it can be either soft and delicate or bright and radiant. The color wheel can be used in any combination. This will help you make your floral pieces look more appealing and beautiful. The three most important terms in color theory are primary, secondary, and tertiary. These primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. These colors cannot be made from mixed colors. Secondary colors can be made with any combination of primary colors and secondary colors. Orange is a combination of yellow and red. Green is a mixture of blue and yellow. Purple is a combination of blue and red. Tertiary colors are combinations of any primary color and any secondary color. This is an excellent example.

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How to design harmonious arrangements: Which color styles do you need?

It is important that you use the color wheel in an artistic and professional manner. This will make it easier to choose flowers, foliage, or accessories. This will allow you to create harmonious and beautiful decor. You can combine different styles and colors to fit the occasion or theme. These four color harmonies can help you get creative. Tip: When combining these colors, keep in mind the color wheel. ).


These colors are close to one another on a color wheel. These colors are red and green, yellow and violet, and blue and orange. They create a striking palette because of their stark contrasts. It is easy to create intense or vibrant floral arrangements.


These schemes consist of three colors placed next to each other on a wheel. The most popular color divisions are purple, orange, and yellow. Flower Shop is able to match these color harmonies to multiple themes! You can mix them well to create a flowy look, whether you use them for solemn or joyous motifs.


Do you have a tight budget for buying? These arrangements are both easy on the eyes as well as your wallet. They also look great! These arrangements are elegant and simple, so they can be used in any event or theme. They are also known by the name “greenery” because they add beauty and nature to any arrangement.

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This scheme uses three colors that are equally far apart on the color wheel. This combination is used to create floral arrangements. The triad is often chosen by florists in lighter or more subtle shades. They also mix soft and deep shades to create a pleasing, balanced aesthetic. Our two-part series provides a comprehensive guide to creating floral arrangements for specific events and containers. Check out our two-part series on how to create floral arrangements.

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