How does Instagram Sort Your Default Follower List?

How does Instagram Sort Your Default Follower List?

If you look at your next list that appears on the following list on your Instagram page, you’ll find that the list doesn’t have a particular order. You’ve likely thought about what the process is. Why is it not according to order consistent with the next date? As you do, many Instagram users are wondering how this list is constructed and how it does.

In addition to being curious about why the list is set in this order, some people also are curious about what other people (like their crush, partner or even ex) are doing; whom did they follow recently? Do they know who they are?

But the arrangement of users does not help the situation. It creates confusion, and you may not get the information you are looking for. How is Instagram’s followers list arranged?

Instagram will order your followers using an algorithm that looks at several simple factors. The elements that influence the order are mutual followers, user interactions, location, account activity or inactivity, and quantity of posts and other posts. These elements are the basis for the order of a person’s following list.¬†However, Instagram hasn’t revealed how its list functions; we can inform you that it’s dependent on an algorithm. It will be clearer after studying this piece.

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How is the Instagram Following List Organized?

A variety of factors can cause the list to appear in order. These key and most important aspects are given below.

Factor #1: People You Follow

When you go through someone’s follower list, you may notice that you have an account that you share with them. Similar to your following list, you’re both following these accounts.

Due to the shared following and mutual following, these accounts will rise to the top of the person’s next list.

Sometimes you don’t see the people you follow at the most popular of their following lists. Other algorithmic factors that have greater force cause this. Consequently, the concept of the mutual following gets lost.

This is why the account you are following may not be on the top of someone’s follow list.

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Second Factor: Engaging with People You Follow

This Instagram following list may be organized according to your interactions with those who follow you. The follower list will be arranged according to interactions with the assumption the following list has at least 200 Instagram followers on the accounts they follow.

The greater your interactions with a specific user, the greater their chances of making it to the top of the list you’ll be following.

If you regularly interact with other users on Instagram, you will see their names on the first page of your follower list. It doesn’t matter whether you follow them or you don’t follow them.

Factor #3 Geo-Location

We mentioned earlier that your account’s follower and followers list on Instagram isn’t according to the order in which they appear. In the past, the list was presented by occurrence order or by chronological sequence.

Chronological order is no longer the norm. Instagram has made changes. The algorithm has been designed so that it results in the following list not displayed in the order of occurrence.

Locality can impact how algorithms are constructed for a person’s next list. There is a chance that an account with the same location as yours is at the top of a follower’s list is high compared to those who aren’t.

Let’s say you’re looking at the list below of accounts of someone who lives in Canada and you reside somewhere in the US. If they have people they follow who live in the US near yours, their profile will likely be on top.

This can be even more effective If these accounts have been in contact with yours. Instagram is likely to assume a chance of being familiar with the person and will push them to the top of the list.

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Factor #4: Inactivity of accounts

The Instagram algorithm is also designed so that accounts that are not active (or inactive) are on the lower end of your list of followers. This is only true if you are following a significant amount of users at a minimum of 200.

In default, accounts that haven’t published any updates within weeks and months are put at the lower end of the listing. If you have more than 200 accounts that follow you, those that are not active are automatically placed at the bottom of the list.

Factor #5: The number of Posts

If an account has an abundance of posts on Instagram and many posts, it will have an advantage over fewer accounts. Instagram’s algorithm puts these accounts slightly higher than those with fewer posts.

This is important as they provide plenty of content to keep you hooked to their website once you’ve visited their profile. Instagram is focused on engagement.

While Instagram may be an opportunity to connect with people and have fun, it’s also a business! Therefore, they strive to keep you on the platform to the maximum extent possible, however long it takes, even if that means placing accounts with more posts first.

How can you purchase your following Liste on Instagram?

You can order your followers lists through Instagram from people who recently followed you and those who followed you before. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Open Instagram on your mobile device.
  2. Touch to reveal the image of the profile at the bottom left corner.
  3. Select”Follow” or the ” Following” option.
  4. Click on the ” Sort by Default” button.
  5. Choose the one you prefer.

If you select ”¬†Earliest,” your list will be displayed according to the order you first followed. If you choose “Latest,” the Instagram algorithm will sort your list of followers based on your most recent followers.

NoteThis method only makes the following list to you and for any other users So you can better organize your lists.


Although this article provided some insight into Instagram algorithms and the variables that influence them, it is vital to keep in mind that Instagram algorithms are constantly changing.

We hope we’ve satisfied your curiosity about how Instagram determines your default follower list.

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