How Does Grease work in Elden Ring? Can I buy it?

How Does Grease work in Elden Ring

Grease is a convenient consumable item that boosts the damage of weapons when used in Elden Ring. It is possible to either collect Grease or create yourself with cookbooks. The effects of Grease is not lasting. It is only an hour, but it will be sufficient to cause massive harm to bosses and enemies.

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What is the best way to use weapon Grease in the Elden Ring?

To utilize Grease in the Elden Ring, first you must outfit your gun with a compatible kind of Grease. Click on Equipment Select one of the slots that are quick access Open your inventory and find the Grease you wish to apply.

Choose it to include it in Your Quick Access slot. After that, press the button to X button to attach this to the weapon you are using.

Remember that you cannot apply Grease to special weapons. Grease is only available on weapons that do not already contain the ability to deal with elemental damages.

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Here’s how each type of Grease does in the Elden Ring

  • Freezing Greaseincreases Frost and causes the an increase in the amount of Frostbite
  • Holy Grease adds Holy damage to your attacks
  • FIRE GRease causes additional fire destruction
  • blood Grease causes the loss of blood, causing your enemies bleed to death.
  • Dragonwound Grease increases the damage caused by dragons
  • Drawstring Grease is a powerful irritant that can be caused by various kinds of grease, however it decreases its duration.
  • Lightning Grease is a way to add Lightning damages to attacks
  • Magic Grease can add magic damages to attacks
  • “Rot Grease” causes Scarlet Rot, the same issue which is the cause of Millicent’s body turning rotten.
  • Shield Grease enhances your ability to guard by 13 percent, and the ability to negate damage by 20 percent.
  • Poison Grease inflicts Poison damage
  • Soporific Grease causes sleep, and puts your adversaries to bed which leaves them open to attack from afar.

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How long will Grease last?

The effects of Grease is lasting between 10 and 60 seconds, based on the kind of Grease you’re employing. Grease with a shorter duration has more potency. Drawstring Grease lasts only for only a brief period, typically between 10 and 15 minutes. Freezing Grease Magic Grease, Fire Grease, Holy Grease, Blood Grease and Dragonwound Grease is for 60 seconds each.

Duration of the grease effect for Elden Ring

  • Drawstring Fire Grease 10 seconds
  • Drawingstring Blood Grease 15 Seconds
  • Drawstring Holy Grease 10 seconds
  • Drawstring Lightning Grease 10 seconds
  • Drawstring Rot Grease 15 seconds
  • Drawstring Poison Grease 15 seconds
  • Drawstring Magic Grease 10 seconds
  • Drawstring Freezing Grease 15 seconds
  • Freezing Grease 60 seconds
  • Holy Grease Holy Grease: 60 seconds
  • Fire Grease 60 seconds
  • Blood Grease for 60 seconds
  • The Dragonwound Grease is 60 Seconds
  • Magic Grease 60 seconds
  • Rot Grease for 60 seconds
  • Poison Grease 60 seconds

Can you buy Grease in Elden Ring?

There is no way to purchase Grease within Elden Ring. The only way to get Grease is to loot it or make it yourself with recipes. Grease is often found in caves as well as on corpses.

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