How do you Reactivate Your Twitter Account? 2 Easy Ways

Reactivate Your Twitter Account

You have taken time off from Twitter and then deactivate your account. However, you’ve decided to return.

Twitter is aware that you might regret removing yourself from social media, which is why you’ve got the option of Reactivate your Twitter Account once more. What is the best way to activate your account on Twitter?

Please be aware that you have only 30 days to use HTML0.

If you’ve disabled your account but wish to use it once more, and not longer than thirty days have passed, there’s still time to activate a new Twitter account. Here’s how!

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Go to Twitter

Reactivate Your Twitter Account

It is possible to do this via the app or Twitter’s Twitter website.

Log in

To log in with the account, you’d like to activate, enter the username and password exactly if you have never deactivated it.

Reactivate your Twitter account

Reactivate Your Twitter Account

After you have logged signed in, Twitter asks you if you’d like to activate your account. Simply answer yes, and you’ll be able to access your account once more.

Restarting tweeting

When you have activated your account on Twitter, It is now possible to return to it with all of the features. Return to the homepage screen to make tweets and view your timeline.

If all goes smoothly, it’s a straightforward procedure, and in less than one minute, you’ll be able to activate the Twitter account you have.

What happens if something is wrong?

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Problems Reactivating Your Twitter Account?

When you try to activate the account you have, it could not be as smooth as roses, and there could be some issues in the procedure.

Here’s where you’ll discover the issues that could arise:

Your Twitter profile isn’t the same.

You’ve logged into your newly activated Twitter account. You notice you have fewer followers, or followers you have or tweets you’ve posted aren’t as many or differ from when you deactivated the account.

Don’t panic! According to Twitter, the issue is quite common after restarting an account. It could take up to 24 hours for the correct information. If more than 48 hours have gone by and your real data isn’t restored, contact the support team via link.

Over 30 days have passed by

As we mentioned initially, you will have a minimum of 30 days to activate your account if you choose to remove it.

It is possible to reactivate your account during the process in this time frame; however, once this period has ended, you are permanently unable to access your account and have to make a new account.

The option to reactivate your account might not be available when you sign in. This is a temporary issue; however, if you notice that the deadline of 30 days is coming up and it does not show up, you can ask for assistance using our Contact request form.

It appears that your account was compromised.

If you suspect that your account was deliberately hacked and then deactivated at your whim, Twitter will help you to recover it.

To access this help, you need to click this link to help you identify hacked or compromised accounts. Follow the instructions on the webpage.

If you’ve lost your password or username.

This is a typical issue after logging in and activating your Twitter account, as they are vital.

The procedure is exactly the same as if you were just trying to log in to your profile. You must make an appointment for the Password reset by sending the address below.

When will the Twitter username you have chosen to use Twitter user name become unfree?

If you’re concerned that a different user could use your username on Twitter, it’s vital to be aware that your account will be available for 30 days after you deactivate your account.

It will be free once there are no more means to restart your account on Twitter.

Imagine that you’ve had your account deactivated on your own accord. What does it mean if you need to reinstate an account banned by your platform?

How to Restore Your Suspended Twitter Account

If your account was removed due to the content of your account being abusive, spammy, or the possibility of hacking, you are able to continue to reactivate it.

If you believe there’s been an error, you can reactivate it by logging in and following the web page’s instructions.

This could be that your account was shut down because of the threat of hacking, but it is not related to your account.

If your account was suspended due to indecent content or is blocked, you’ll be required to prove the identity of the account’s owner.

If you’ve violated Twitter rules, most of the features will be restricted. There is everything you need to access the Twitter account by visiting the Facebook website.

You now know what you need to do if you have deactivated your Twitter account and wish to restore it within 30 days of the time that has passed.

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