How do You Log Out to Amazon Prime on TV? 2 Easy Steps

Log Out to Amazon Prime on TV

Amazon provides an online video streaming service known as Prime Video that you can utilize to stream films or TV programs on any platform. It’s not only for Kindle Fire tablets or anything else they create. It can be used on your smartphone as well!

Amazon Prime is an amazing service with everything for everyone, but there’s a bit of confusion regarding how to Log Out to Amazon Prime on TV.

In this post in this article, you’ll learn how to unsubscribe from Amazon Prime on TV since, at times, logging out of the Prime accounts on TV can be crucial.

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What is the reason Amazon Prime does not let users sign out?

Log Out to Amazon Prime on TV

There are several reasons Amazon Prime Video has a difficult process for logging out of the smart TV application.

When you first sign in to your account, it’s connected to your device. This lets Amazon give you customized recommendations and enhance the quality of your streaming experience.

In addition, completely logging off deletes your account data from your device, resulting in issues when you attempt to sign back in later. Additionally, having an easier logout procedure keeps snoopers from accessing your accounts.

While it can be somewhat annoying to complete several additional steps to sign out of your account on the Amazon Prime Video app, it’s ultimately for your security.

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How do you sign up your device to Amazon Prime?

To authorize a device to view Amazon Prime videos, first create or log in to the account you have created with your Amazon account.

Go to then the Amazon Prime Video Settings page. Under ” Register new devices,” enter the code displayed on the screen of your TV. Then, click Register.

You’ve registered your device, and you can start enjoying Prime videos!

How do I log out from Amazon Prime on TV?

Log Out to Amazon Prime on TV

There is no way to be possible to deregister your device to use it as a method of logging out, just as you would sign out from Kindle. This may be a little difficult. However, you must follow the steps to sign off from Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime television.

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  1. Start Amazon Prime Video on your smart TV.
  2. Go into the setting menu in your Prime Video application. (use a smart tv remote)
  3. Use the remote on your TV to show that ” Deregister Your Device” button within the Settings menu.
  4. Then, press “OK” to turn off the device.
  5. A confirmation message will pop up, and you must highlight it and click the OKbutton.
  6. A successful logout message will be displayed to confirm your account is signed out of your TV.

If you have been logged off of Amazon Prime Video, you will be asked to sign back in using your Amazon credentials to use the service. Once you’ve signed in and logged in, you’ll be in a position to access all your videos and continue to watch like you normally.

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How do I unsubscribe from Amazon Prime Video using the website?

You can unregister the TV device from Amazon’s website with your laptop or mobile phone by visiting Amazon. Amazon website and logging into your account. After you’ve registered,

  1. Log into your “account”┬ápage.
  2. Then select “your devices“.
  3. Choose the TV model you would like to deregister and select “deregister” for deregistration.
  4. The user will have to affirm you are willing to remove the device as the deregister button changes into the “are you sure” message.
  5. Once you’ve verified that you have done so, your device will be removed by Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video account will be removed from your device List of the list on the website.

It is possible to do the same with your Android and an iOS device. You just need to go to Amazon’s website in your web browser and follow the steps above.

Prime Video provides simple logging out of the service on any device you like. However, it does so using a different word, “Deregister”. This is why it’s not common for many people, and they are left with the question of how to log out of Amazon Prime on television.

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