How do You Follow and Unfollow Twitter Topics? 1 Easy Way

Follow and Unfollow Twitter Topics

Let’s say you love American Football and want to find interesting tweets on the topic. All you see are random tweets from fans. This is a common problem on Twitter.

Twitter offers Topics, a feature that aims to address this problem. You can follow over 300 interests – regardless of whether they are sports, entertainment, or gaming. This is similar to how regular accounts are followed. You’ll then see tweets that aren’t from accounts you follow but which have the expertise or have spoken about the topic.

Since November 2019, this feature has been available worldwide. This is what you need to know about how to Follow and Unfollow Twitter Topics.

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What are Twitter Topics?

How do You Follow and Unfollow Twitter Topics? 1 Easy Way

Twitter seems to believe this feature will be great for fans of certain topics or fandoms. You can follow any topic that interests you, whether it is a professional team, sports team, or a musical group. Twitter will then show you the most popular tweets. Public topics are also available – anyone can view your profile and see the topics you follow.

Twitter describes this feature as follows:

Follow a topic to keep up with what’s going on and find more relevant content (events, tweets, ads) about the topic. You’ll find prompts to follow specific topics on your Home timeline and search results. Tap the Follow button at the prompt to personalize your Twitter experience according to your interests. Based on your activity and profile, we may match you with topics you might be interested in. This includes tweets you like or view. “

You can browse topics via Twitter’s Explore Page. You will find a large list of categories and some suggestions based on your followers. Here you can see the topics you are currently following, and the Not interested tab shows topics that you have decided to ignore.

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Follow and Unfollow Twitter Topics | What is the working principle of Twitter Topics?

How do You Follow and Unfollow Twitter Topics? 1 Easy Way

How do you follow a topic?

iOS and Android:

  • Tap your profile icon at the top of your Home timeline.
  • Scroll down to the sidebar and tap Topics.
  • You will be presented with a list suggesting topics. To follow one, tap the plus icon.

On desktop:

  • Click on More in the sidebar.
  • Choose Topics from the drop-down menu.
  • This will display a list of suggested topics. Click the plus icon for more information.

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How to unfollow a topic

From your home timeline:

  • Navigate to a tweet related to the topic you are currently following in your Home timeline.
  • Tap the down-arrow icon at the top of the tweet to select Unfollow.

Choose your topic

  • Tap Topics on your profile icon.
  • Tap Next to the topic, unfollow

How to spot the topics that someone is following

Twitter lets you see up to 100 topics you have followed at once in your Topics menu. If their tweets are public or you’re an approved follower, you can also see topics that another person is following.

The Twitter for iOS app and the website:

  • Visit their profile.
  • Click or tap on the More menu (3 dots) on their profile page.
  • Select View Topics.

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