How Do You Change Your Nickname for Discord Servers? Easy Ways

Change Your Nickname for Discord

There are several servers to serve diverse reasons. Users need a distinct name on the discussion server instead of the gaming username for the server that hosts gaming. It is possible to change the nickname within the Discord Server.

The option to Change Your Nickname for Discord can be reached in multiple ways. It is possible to change the nickname repeatedly without issues. However, this is only possible if the user has permission to change their username on the server.

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Change Your Nickname for Discord Server

Change Your Nickname for Discord

This feature can be used to create nicknames, but it is available only on servers. You can personalize your name differently for each server you’re in. Certain servers might have disabled the option to change nicknames. You will not be able to change your name without the server’s permission.

Administrators of discord servers can alter the nicknames of other members on the server. This is useful to change the names of users with poor nicknames. Follow the steps below to look into different ways for changing nicknames on discord servers:

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Change Your Nickname for Discord
  1. Launch the Discord app by double-clicking its shortcut or searching through search using the Windows Search feature.
  2. Choose the Server in the left pane, the left pane where you wish to change in the left pane, and where you would like to change the name. Select the left pane where you want to change the nickname—name of the server and then select and select Change Nickname choice within the context menu.
  3. Simply type in New Your name as a nickname and click on the Save click to press it.
  4. You can also access this feature by right-clicking the user’s name on the top right-hand side and selecting the Change Nickname option.
  5. Another method is to click on the username with a right-click within the Messaging area and select and select the Change Nickname option.
  6. You can also alter your nickname using Command in the message field. Enter this command in the message area, and then enter in the message area: new nickname and press Enter. The most important thing to do is apply.

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Change Your Nickname for Discord

The username and nickname for discord use two distinct names. Users’ usernames function a little differently from the nicknames on discord. Your friend’s list can be viewed by your username on DMs and friends list. In contrast to the username, you cannot have multiple usernames for different servers. We hope this article help you in understand how do you Change Your Nickname for Discord Servers.

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