How Do I Connect the Ps5 Controller to Ps4 without PC?

How Do I Connect the Ps5 Controller to Ps4 without PC?

If you’re the proud proprietor of both the PS5 and an PS4 You might have wondered whether you could pair that gorgeous new PS5 controller alongside your old PS4 console.

In its official language, Sony’s FAQ page statesthat “The DualSense wireless controller is not compatible with the PS4 console.” If you attempt to connect the PlayStation 5 controller to the USB port of the PlayStation 4 console, you’ll be able to tell that it’s not working (although it may charge).

However, gamers worldwide have discovered numerous ways to circumvent the official rules to achieve the PS5 controller to work on the PS4 console. Stay tuned and we’ll explain how to do it!

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How do I join PS5 controller PS4

Another way to use one method of using your PS5 controller for playing games that you play on your PS4 is through Remote Play. Remote Play app. You’ll need access to your PS5 or laptop/PC along with your PS4 to use this feature.

The steps you’ll need adhere to are:

  • Then connect the PS5 controller to your PS5 or laptop, computer or PC you’re planning to make use of
  • Start Remote Play on your PS5 or PC. Remote Play app on your PS5 or laptop, computer or desktop
  • Utilize Remote Play, the Remote Play app to take charge of your PS4

You can now utilize the PS5 controller to control games you play on your PS4 by using remote play’s cloud-based functions. Remote Play app allowing you to connect generations of consoles.

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Can I make use of the PS5 controller with PS4 without a PC?

The 8Bitdo adapter allows Bluetooth-enabled devices – such as the PS5 controller that connect wirelessly to consoles and PCs. The 8Bitdo device eliminates the requirement to connect a USB-C cable and also, with a constant link to Remote Play app, players can play their PS4 wirelessly with the PS5 controller.

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