How Do I Cancel Starz Subscription in Simple Steps?

Cancel Starz Subscription

Cancel Starz Subscription that you no longer require got so easy.

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How Do I Cancel Starz Subscription

To end the Subscription to your Starz Subscription, follow these simple steps:

If you have signed up through Starz’s website, you can sign up using HTML0. Starz website

1. Log into your Starz account

2. Click the gear icon at the top of the right-hand side.

3. Select Subscriptions

4. Select Cancel my Subscription

iOS/App Store

1. Log in to the Apple ID. Apple ID

2. Select Manage

3. Select Starz

4. Switch your Automated Renewaltoggle to off


1. Visit your Funimation App.

2. Choose Optionsunder the hamburger menu

3. Choose Your Plan. You’ll be directed to the Google Play account. Google Play subscriptions

4. Select Starz

5. Select Cancel Subscription

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Amazon/Fire TV

1. Log into Your Amazon Store subscriptions

2. In the next step to the Starz subscription, click Actions. Starz subscription, choose Actions

3. Select Turn off Auto-Renewal

4. Check the modifications


If you subscribed to Starz through Roku, you could unsubscribe by logging into your Roku account here.


1. Log in to your Sling account.

2. Select Change Subscriptions

4. Add more options for the current package.

5. Uncheck STARZ

6. Click “Review” at the bottom of the page

7. Select Submit Order

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1. Log in to your Sprint accounts.

2. Select the My Preferences tab

3. Go to the Limits and Permissions section.

4. Click on the Block Applications, Digital Media Downloads & Third-Party Charges link.

5. Select the STARZ option, then follow the steps

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Your Starz subscription might show in your account asSTARZ Subscription WA




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