How do I Cancel Hotstar Subscription in Easy Steps?

Cancel Hotstar Subscription

Cancel Hotstar Subscription that you no longer require became much simpler.

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How do I Cancel Hotstar Subscription?

To end or cancel your Hotstar Subscription, follow these simple steps:

If you have subscribed via The Hotstar’s site:

1. Visit the Hotstar website.

2. Go to my profile.

3. Cancel Subscription.

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If you purchased through iTunes:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Scroll down to the bottom and click on iTunes & App Store.

3. Select your Apple ID.

4. View your Apple ID.

5. Authenticate.

6. Scroll down, and then click Subscriptions.

7. Select Hotstar and unblock it.

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To make the cancellation online, simply visit Hotstar.

Ideathrift is the only place to get all the information you require to remove your Hotstar account, unsubscribe or cancel a trial.

Your Hotstar subscription could show on your account as HOTSTAR US. HOTST NY




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