How do I Cancel BT Sport Subscription in Easy Steps?

Cancel BT Sport Subscription

Are you not using your BT Sport account as much as you did before? Are you fed up with paying for your subscription to BT Sport?

We’ve got the easiest and fastest way to Cancel BT Sport Subscription, the pay-TV network of sports channels.

A subscription with BT Sport gives you access to live football and boxing, rugby union, MotoGP, UFC, and more.

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Update on Coronavirus Update: Visit BT Sport customer service to receive an account credit for one month’s subscription to BT Sport.

How do I Cancel BT Sport Subscription in Easy Steps?

To cancel your BT Sports Monthly Pass subscription, follow these steps:

1. Log in to MBT.

2. Locate the BT Sport Monthly Pass that you have. BT Sport Monthly Pass

3. Click “Cancel Subscription.’

4. Follow the steps listed below to verify

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If you cancel, you will be able to continue to watch BT Sport until your 30-day viewing time expires.

To make the cancellation online, simply visit

Ideathrift is your single-stop resource for all the details you require to deactivate account BT Sport account, unsubscribe or cancel a trial.

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Your BT Sport subscription may show in your statement as BT SPORT (BAXTER ST.


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