How did Thops die in Elden Ring?

Thops, the Church of Inth in Elden Ring, is Thops’s identity when we meet him for the first time. He is a friendless sorcerer who is trying to get back to the Academy of Ray Lucaria in order to continue his studies. We finally find him after completing his quest. He is dead.

How did thops die elden ring? And why would they want to kill such a gentle academic?

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What happened with Thops in Elden Ring?

This is where we need to speculate, as the game does not provide an answer. Anyone who has completed the questline will still have questions. The first time I found the gentle sorcerer’s dead corpse in a chair, it was quite distressing. There are some items he has that you can retrieve from his corpse. These items include his Bell Bearing and the Academy Glintstone Staff. Thop’s barrier spell is also included.

These items suggest that Thops was currently studying a new magic spell. He had only just learned it at the time of Thops’s death. He chose to go back to Academy, and there is no reason for us to feel guilty. We were able to help him return to the Academy because he wanted to.

How did Thops die?

When we examine his death, there are many things we should be aware of. The rope-like material that appears to be tied to his hands makes it look like he is strangling his corpse. While many people believe that he was trying to end his life, closer examination reveals that it is foul play. The area where he was found is not within the School Classroom Site of Grace. The undead is swarming the area, which indicates that the Academy was never safe for him.

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Thop was he too busy to die?

Some believe that Thops was simply working himself to death. Reddit user AmorakTheWhite posted in a subreddit conversation that Thops simply died from exhaustion after he finally got the key to the Academy. This is a bittersweet tale about success.

This mystery is still unsolved, and there are many rumours. We’d love to hear your thoughts about Thop’s death.

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