How Did Kratos Get To Midgard

How Did Kratos Get To Midgard

Kratos is a famous figure in Greek mythology. Kratos adapts his skills to Norse mythology, though, after God of War 2018 was published. How Did Kratos Get To Midgard?

Kratos played a role in Greek mythology of Greece’s initial God of War titles.  Kratos was a part of mythological gods and engaged viewers as he battled them in all manner. After God of War 4, things were different. In 2018, the album was released and focused on a completely new set. In 2000, the God of War Kratos series ended at Midgard. This is the center of Norse mythology’s Nine Realms.

Fans were naturally curious as to how Kratos changed from one mythology in the world, to another in one game. These questions were answered initially when God of War first released. But players are now seeking answers, as the game will be available on PC in 2022.

How Did Kratos Get To Midgard

Kratos In Midgard

Cory Barlog is the director of God of War’s creative department and Cory Barlog is the creative director of God of War. He stated that Kratos was placed in Midgard as a result of the events in God of War 3. After the game’s end, a devastating flood hit Greece and other parts of the globe. Kratos was responsible for bringing this about and ending the world.

God of War has no residual effects from the flood. Logically Kratos passed the surge towards God of War 3 on a boat. In the same way Atreus or Atreus traveled the globe in the newest game, Kratos can travel across realms due to the flood. Kratos is the Norse God Of War Tyr. He can be seen traveling across the world in the game’s illustrations. It also provides evidence that Kratos can travel between mythologies.

After a row through various realms, Kratos was likely to end up in Midgard. Kratos was married to Faye after the flood had subsided. He had one son, Atreus. Kratos is seen mourning Faye’s death and taking Atreus with him to the top of a mountain in God of War to scatter his ashes.

God of War doesn’t provide any evidence to indicate how flooding affected Midgard. Freya, however, stated in the game that Tyr’s Bridge was underwater for 150-years, possibly due the flood. This would indicate that at the most, 150 years have passed after the event in God of War.

The interconnectedness of mythologies from around the globe is evident. Kratos makes numerous references to Greek mythology, the most famous example being in God of War 2018. The story could be told in many different ways in mythology depending on what happened in God of War Ragnarok.

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