How can I fix Disney Plus Blocking IP Address Problem? 2022

How can I fix Disney Plus Blocking IP Address Problem? 2022

If you launch your Disney Plus app, you get the message “We are unable to connect to Disney+ at this time. Try again. If the issue persists, go to the Disney+ Help Center (Error Code 90)”. Error Code 90 comes when the Disney Plus platform blocks the IP address of your device.

There are several options you can use to get rid of your Disney Plus Blocking IP Address problem go away. You can find them in this article. How can you fix the Disney Plus Blocking IP Address (Error Code 90) with VPN?

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What’s the Cause of The Disney Plus Blocking IP Address Issue(Error Code 90)?

The Disney Plus platform blocks the device’s IP address when you use the Disney Plus app to detect any suspicious activity at the IP address. If you install an insecure Disney+ app on your device, Error Code 90 (Disney Plus Blocking IP Address) happens.

If you attempt to sign in but have failed repeatedly, If you cannot log in, then you will observe this error on Your Disney Plus app. When you update your payment, it will also cause this error. Additionally, there are other errors related to device compatibility issues and network connectivity problems.

If you can get rid of all these issues, You can use this Disney Plus app again on your device?

How do I Find a Solution to Disney Plus Blocking IP Address Problem?

As time passes, many have found simple methods that work on every Disney Plus compatible device to remove this Disney Plus blocking IP address issue. If you’re affected by Error Code 90, gather your friends and remove it using the easy methods and steps provided in this article. Because the reason for this error is hard to comprehend, it’s best to try all of the solutions provided here to fix the issue.

  • Verify that you are running the most recent version Disney Plus app.
  • Check if you are linked to a VPN service.

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Method 1 Installation of your Disney Plus app.

To install to reinstall the Disney Plus app on any device, first, you must remove it before installing it on the default app store, as the Dinsey Plus app is widely utilized across Android, iOS, and PCs. Because the App is downloaded for Android or iOS gadgets, we’ll talk about reinstalling it for these devices.

The Clear Disney Plus App data and Cache

  • Go to the Application Manager in Settings.
  • Locate it by searching for the Disney Plus app from the available apps available on your device.
  • Stop your Disney Plus app and go to Storage.
  • Choose Clear Cache and then Clear Data.

Install Disney Plus:

  • Visit the device’s App Store (Google Play Store or Apple App Store).
  • Find and search for Find and download the Disney Plus app in the App Store.
  • Then, tap the Uninstall option to take the App off your devices.
  • When you are done After that, hit after which you can press the Install Button to reinstall it.

Once the Disney Place app has been installed on your device, try opening and signing in with your account information. If you see an issue with the Disney Plus Blocking IP Address issue again, there’s nothing wrong with the App. You must verify the details on your Disney Plus-compatible device.

Method 2: Restart devices that are connected with Disney Plus.

In order to eliminate the Blocking IP for Disney Plus Address issue, we could apply the simple and basic procedure of restarting the device. The various Disney Plus-supported devices have different ways to restart. Here is the method to restart all devices. You must find and test the options that work for your particular devices, such as smart television, Streaming devices, smartphones, and PCs.

Smart TVs, Android TV, and Apple TV:

  • Connect Power cables to the socket.
  • It is recommended to wait a minimum of 5 minutes before eliminating the Power within the device.
  • Then, put the cables back into their original positions.

The soft Reset could affect Error Code 90 and eliminate it from the system after you launch this Disney Plus app.

Android Phone:

It is as simple as pressing on the power button and then holding it until Power Options appear and selecting the Restart option. Your phone will then turn off and then switch on. Then, you will be able to connect to Disney Plus via Disney Plus App, but this time, without the error in the form of a Disney Plus Blocking IP address.


Hold down the Volume or the Left button on your iPhone and select Power. Then slide the slider into Power off and then switch the phone back on to normal. This will eliminate Error Code 90 from the Disney Plus app.


  • Click on the Windows icon and then select Power.
  • Then click Restart and then wait for a certain amount of time.

Your computer will shut off and turn back on.

Methods 3, Other Things to try.

  • Switch your network from WiFi and switch to Mobile Data.
  • Make use of a VPN to switch locations.
  • Download Disney Plus on different streaming devices and then access it.
  • Disconnect and reconnect to your WiFi network.
  • Turn off Ad-blocker in your internet browser.

The End

By following the easy method, it is impossible to get through your Disney Plus Blocking IP Address issue easily. If you are experiencing the error Code 90 even after going through this guide, You can contact help from the Disney Plus help centre.

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