Hotmail Screen Too Big: How to Resize

Hotmail Screen Too Big

Hotmail Screen Too Big for you to use, whether you accidentally hold down a set or change the format.

You will notice a larger font size when the format is changed, or the Zoom function is engaged. This means that you may have to scroll the page left to see what is displayed.

This tutorial will show you how to reduce the size of your Hotmail screen to make it more usable so that you can quickly send and receive emails.

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Hotmail Screen Too Big: Outlook is so large on my screen

Hotmail Screen Too Big: How to Resize

The zoom function could have been activated by you holding down the mouse wheel.

Select the Zoom option while you are reading and then tick the box “Remember your preference” to have your account automatically remember the zoom level.

You should check to see if your icons have grown in size. This could be a sign that your screen resolution has changed. It can also indicate that your Hotmail icons and fonts are larger or smaller.

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How can I restore the normal size of my Outlook email?

Hold down the control button on the left-hand corner of your keyboard. Now, press the 0 key simultaneously to return the screen to its default size.

To zoom in or out, you can also use the mouse wheel and hold down the control keys.

How can I restore the normal size of my Outlook email font?

You may have changed the font size. Follow these steps to select the font size you prefer.

  1. Once you have selected the options dropdown, click the button in the top-right corner of your screen. Now select more choices
  2. Click the signature font and button
  3. Select the font size you prefer
  4. Select Save

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Hotmail screen resolution

Hotmail Screen Too Big: How to Resize

You could have a large Hotmail screen due to your screen resolution. To toggle between different resolutions, click on the windows options and then select Start. Next, choose SettingsSystems and Display.

After installing the latest version of Outlook, restart your computer to see if the problem has been resolved.

Intel drivers

Nvidia drivers

AMD drivers

Why is the font in my Outlook Inbox so small?

Hotmail Screen Too Big: How to Resize

If you have a large resolution device, the default font size may not be sufficient for you to read. To toggle the zoom on the message view, use the ribbon and select the message body from the message tab.

Click Zoom to select the format group. Now increase the size to your liking by clicking the custom.


You should be able to browse your email account once your screen has been restored to its default zoom setting.

You can still have problems with Hotmail’s screen size or with Microsoft Outlook. Visit the support page.

Microsoft also offers a customer service number. You can reach them at 0344 800 2400

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