Here Are The Reasons Netflix Doesn’t Work on HDMI: How to Fix It

Reasons Netflix Doesn't Work on HDMI

You might have an incompatible cable, or your TV blocks Netflix from playing on HDMI.

Are you an Apple user with a lightning adapter? This adapter is not recommended for streaming Netflix from an iOS device to a TV.

You can prevent Netflix from showing a blank screen by checking your settings or changing your cable.

This directory is easy to follow and will walk you through the entire process. It also provides four simple solutions that you can use to get Netflix back on a bigger screen.

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Why can’t Netflix Play On My HDMI Connection?

Here Are The Reasons Netflix Doesn't Work on HDMI: How to Fix It

Why doesn’t Netflix use HDMI?

If your TV’s input settings are incorrect, Netflix will not play on HDMI. You will need to set up Netflix so your TV can display the Netflix image downloaded from your computer.

Netflix might not be working through an HDMI because of the settings.

Reason 1.

The app won’t work on your device if the HDMI cable you use is not compatible with Netflix.

An error message may appear on your screen saying HDCP-compatible device required. This will indicate that the adapter is not compatible with the device you’re trying to stream.

This issue has been specifically reported on Apple devices.

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What is HDCP?

Here Are The Reasons Netflix Doesn't Work on HDMI: How to Fix It

HDCP means High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection.

This security is necessary when streaming Netflix via an HDMI cable. It protects online copyright material as it travels from one device to another and then to your TV.

The app won’t work if the HDCP requirements are not met by the device that you use to stream Netflix onto your TV.

Reason 2. Problem with your HDMI cable

Your HDMI cable could be defective or damaged. This could prevent Netflix from being mirrored onto the secondary device.

It is possible that the port where you are inserting your HDMI cable could be problematic.

Reason 3.

In addition to the correct input settings, it is possible that your HDMI won’t allow Netflix to play if the GPU (graphics processor unit) has not been set to “full screen,“.

Reason 4.

An HDMI cable connected to your TV may be blocking Netflix streaming.

It can play an important role in the app streaming success, depending on whether you access Netflix via the app or through your browser.

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How can I get Netflix to play over HDMI?

How to get Netflix to work on HDMI

By correctly setting the input settings on your TV, you can get Netflix to play over your HDMI. Netflix won’t play if your TV isn’t set up to receive the HDMI source from your laptop. After you’ve chosen the right source for your TV, Netflix should now be available on your screen.

Are your cables compatible with your devices and cable? If Netflix doesn’t work on HDMI, there are some additional solutions.

Fix 1. Verify HDMI compatibility

To ensure compatibility with your devices, you will need to troubleshoot the HDMI cable. This is especially important if you connect a laptop to your TV.

You can try one of these options if you receive an error message on the screen.

  • Use a different device to test your HDMI cable
  • Reverse the cable
  • When connecting to the HDMI, switch to another port
  • Verify that the cable is securely connected

If you still see a Black screen or a blank screen after trying all of the above, you might need to switch TVs or use Netflix on another device that supports Netflix without connecting to another system.

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Fix 2.

The HDMI cable you use can cause Netflix to not work if it is damaged or faulty.

Test the cable by connecting two devices. It will indicate that your HDMI needs to be replaced if it doesn’t work.

Fix 3.

You must ensure that the GPU (graphics processor unit) is correctly set. This will allow you to see the mirror image displayed on the second screen via the HDMI.

Your laptop will need to check the GPU setting. It will be under if you’re on a Windows computer.

Settings > Display > Graphics > Netflix > Options

Netflix now allows you to select the preferred graphic setting.

Fix 4.

You can stream Netflix on HDMI using the Netflix app. Instead, you can access it via your web browser.

Your TV may block the app’s playback, or your browser could be viewed suspiciously.

Netflix will not play on lightning to HDMI.

Here Are The Reasons Netflix Doesn't Work on HDMI: How to Fix It

Many Apple users have had issues with Netflix not working when connecting their iPhone to an HDMI-enabled TV using their lightning adapter. The cable doesn’t seem to support Netflix HDCP protection requirements. This issue has been reported to have occurred since iOS 11.

What is the problem with my lightning to HDMI connection?

Because your lightning to HDMI does not support Netflix’s HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) will not work with Netflix.

When you use the lightning adapter or cable, your TV may have a black screen.

(Didn’t you know that Netflix warehouses are not easily found on any map? Their location is kept secret. Even their delivery trucks are not marked and covered. Netflix employees swear to secrecy regarding the location ).

Is there any way to get around this problem? Make sure that your iOS is up-to-date. If not, you can use a different HDMI cable.

HDMI slows Netflix

What is Netflix doing wrong with HDMI?

Your network connection is why Netflix may be slow when streaming Netflix via an HDMI cable. Netflix must be viewed through an HDMI cable. However, the network connection between both devices must be strong.

Refresh your internet connection to improve Netflix’s out-of-synchrony issue. Also, lower the quality of the video on the app.

Solution 1.

The recommended download speed to stream Netflix in high-definition quality is 5Mbps, and 25Mbps for ultra-high-definition quality.

You can check your internet speed to ensure Netflix receives enough bandwidth.

Refreshing your internet connection can improve network speed and performance. To complete the process, connect your WiFi router.

Solution 2. Decrease Netflix video quality

The quality of Netflix’s video will be affected by how it streams.

Netflix > Settings> Video Quality > Standard

Once Netflix has been upgraded in quality, relaunch it.


We hope that this guide helped you understand why Netflix is not working on HDMI and that you can now successfully implement one of the four simple solutions we provided.

You may be experiencing problems streaming Netflix using your HDMI cable. JustAsk will help you to perform a hardware check.

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