Guide to Choosing The Right Type of Server For Your Business

Guide to Choosing The Right Type of Server For Your Business

Servers can be the engine behind the entire IT infrastructure of a business. However, finding the right one for your business might be difficult if you are not a tech expert. In a nutshell, servers are complex computers that allow you to connect multiple network users and provide service to them.

Servers have vast applications; these powerful computers can help you send, receive and organize data at a rapid pace – but that’s not the only thing they are capable of. Businesses can use servers to host their own website and streamline operations, such as receiving emails, printing documents, etc.

But, given that the tech market offers a myriad of server options, with companies such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo leading the industry, it might be difficult to find the right server for your needs. So, to help you with the process of finding the right device for your business needs for a fair price, we have prepared a simple guide you can follow.

Guide to Choosing The Right Type of Server For Your Business

What Do You Need From a Server?

The server you procure will depend on your professional needs. If you are looking to host your own website or run multiple applications, you will need a powerhouse of a server. Each server has different components, and those components carry their own features. 

Servers with powerful components will cost more but will deliver better performances, or in simple terms; you will be able to carry out tasks faster and manage more users. We have seen more businesses opt for SSD servers rather than HDDs. SSD or solid-state drive servers have much faster read/write speeds making them perfect for data management.

Many brands offer incredibly powerful server products, but Dell seems to launch servers that last for years and offer incredible performance. Such is the case with their PowerEdge series.

For instance, despite the R440 being released in 2017, it’s still a highly sought-after server that will help you set up everything you might need to carry out your business operations. While you can get a brand new one from Dell’s official website, you should look into refurbished servers as they provide the best value for money. A refurbished Dell R440 server will enable you to enjoy quality at an accessible price point while also delivering the same performance as a brand new dedicated server with the exact specifications.

These like-new servers come with a long warranty guaranteeing the device’s sturdiness and longevity.

Do You Have Enough Space To Set Everything Up?

If you are planning to set up on-premise servers, you need to make sure that you have enough room to do so. Besides that, since this hardware will require maintenance from time to time, you need to hire an expert to maintain your server’s upkeep.

Servers have different physical types. They come as tower servers which basically look the same as computers; rack servers which are installed in a rack-like framework; and blade servers which get their name from their ultra-thin shape.

Space won’t be a problem if you only need a few servers. However, if you are a business that relies heavily on servers to provide services to clients and ensure seamless business operations in your office, you need to carefully plan where you will store the units.

Think About a Cloud Server

Cloud servers are a great substitute if you are running a small business and don’t need the power that physical servers offer. The provider will charge you based on your data needs and will also help you develop a data backup strategy which is of incredible importance if you want to keep your data safe.

Another benefit of cloud servers is that your remote workers will have easy access to all company data, of course, given that they have been granted access.

Final Thoughts

Above, we discussed how you could find the right server for your business needs while not breaking the bank. Some businesses will need multiple servers to operate functionally, while others will need only one.

Bear in mind that all servers come with different features and specifications. The hardware’s specifications determine how the server performs and how it can be used. That being said, don’t forget that you can procure the right server equipment for your business needs at an accessible price point thanks to vendors that specialize in restoring used servers to their former glory.

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