Google Chrome Gets Third Successful Zero-Day Attack In 2022

Google Chrome Gets Third Successful Zero-Day Attack In 2022

Google Chrome browser has been attacked and its 3.2billion users around the globe are in danger. Here are the essential facts to help you stay safe.

Google confirmed that the attack was the third successful zeroday hack of its browser since 2022 with a new Chrome blog. Google warned users that “an exploit to CVE-2022-1364 has been discovered in the wild”. This means hackers were able access Chrome’s security and launch attacks on users before Google could fix it. Chrome users on all major platforms – including Windows, macOS Linux and Android – are all vulnerable.

Google is currently keeping information about the hack restricted to Chrome users. They will reveal the threat level (High), exploitable areas, and the date it was discovered.

CVE-2022-1364 : Type Confusion within V8. Reported in 2022-04-13 by Clement Lecigne from Google’s Threat Analysis Group.

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Chrome’s component that processes JavaScript, Chrome’s engine at its core, is . This is also the second attack on V8 in less than three weeks.

Google has responded with a new Chrome version (100.0.4896.127), although it warns users that it may not be immediately available. To force an update, click the three dots on the top right of Chrome and then go to Settings > Help> About Google Chrome. Next, restart your browser.

Click on the 3 dots at the top right corner to check for Chrome update. Next click: Settings –Help … [+]

Google in March admitted that Chrome and rival browsers have been the victim of numerous successful zero-day hacks. This stark reminder is that users need be proactive in order to stay safe online. It is important to check your browser for any updates as soon as you can.

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