Golden State Warriors NFT

golden state warriors nft

Golden State Warriors will release their Playoff NFT Collection featuring FTX. It is the first flexible NFT collection by an elite sports team!

Golden State Warriors Drops Second NFT Collection

golden state warriors nft

The Warriors were the first team in the world of sports to perform dropping an NFT. In 2000, they launched their team’s Legacy, NFT Drop. As of this writing, their initial NFT collection holds the record for the all-time most popular sporting NFT sale.

They’re back to offer their fans more. The new NFT collection will be a celebration of this team’s NBA Playoff success. Furthermore, it’s an item that will change to the teams’ playoff run as it continues. This means that there will be new features and advantages for NFT owners.

The Golden State Warriors 2022 Playoff NFT Collection is comprised of 3000 NFTs. It features 12 distinct designs randomly assigned after being it is created on the blockchain FTX USA, the team’s official NFT Marketplace. Each design is unique in its degree of rarity and comes with exclusive advantages and utilities like NBA Finals tickets, autographed items, Warriors NBA Championship Rings, and many more.

In addition, every Playoff NFT doubles as an entry ticket into the GSW community via Discord. The NFT will allow fans access to exclusive benefits only available to members and white-list access to future NFT releases.

The piece of this collection is the 1 of 1 limited edition Gold Bar All-Access Pass that is only available via auction. This exclusive NFT provides its owners with priceless utility services and once-in-a-lifetime advantages. Additionally, the highest bidder for this NFT will also be rewarded with an actual Gold Bar comprised of genuine gold and two tickets to the entire series of Warriors twenty22’s playoff matches held at Chase Center.

The Golden State Warriors 2022 Playoff NFT Collection will be available for purchase on Friday, April 15 at 10:00 a.m. (Pacific Time), exclusive to the FX US NFT Marketplace. Each NFT will retail at $499.99. All buyers need to have an FTX US Account in order to purchase and take part in the auction of 1-of-1.

A portion of the profits generated by the NFT Collection will go to the Warriors Community Foundation. The foundation has given more than $25 million in impact to Bay Area educational equity since 2012.

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