Gh Spoilers – Latest General Hospital Spoilers

Gh Spoilers - Latest General Hospital Spoilers

Today’s recap shows Portia linking the hook attacks to Trina and Esme sneaking into Wyndemere. Brando’s Memorial is also held.

Brando’s relatives gather to say farewell to him at his funeral. However, Port Charles police found another body. Is Brando’s hook killer at it again?

Jordan’s epiphany will be related to the case she is currently working on or her confusing personal situation involving Portia Curtis.

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Why is TJ facing Nina?

Gladys, Brando’s mom who is grieving, sends Sonny an important reminder.

Wes Ramsey is blessed with life, laughter and love by Laura Wright.

General Hospital spoilers, Tuesday, October 11, 2012:

Today’s recap shows Nikolas being stunned to see Esme alive. But, what she has to say leaves him speechless. Valentin and Anna set Victor trap with Nina’s and Lucy’s help.

Sonny and Michael don’t see eye to eye for months. Can the Teflon Don finally get his son’s attention or have things drifted far enough?

Joss believes the hunk was innocent because Sonny couldn’t torture Dex into giving a confession. Dante asks Sonny’s young associate questions about the murders. Or something else.

Nikolas discovers a way of getting the upper hand.

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General Hospital spoilers for Thursday October 13:

Carly takes Bobbie on a tour of Jacksonville to find out all the happenings since her arrival.

Sam now realizes how trouble Spinelli could be, so she vows to do her best to help him.

Britt has always kept Cody out of her life in the past. So why is she looking for him now?

Who will get caught in Victor’s latest web Victor is preparing to weave.

Robert is concerned that Anna might be getting out of control.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday October 14:

Is it a positive surprise for Carly?

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