Funimation Not Working On Samsung TV: Fix In 4 Easy Steps

Funimation Not Working On Samsung TV

Are you having trouble watching your favourite Anime on Funimation? This is the right place. We have some solutions to any issues you might be experiencing on the Sony Anime Platform.

Many guides can help you solve your Funimation problem. This is the best place to start if Funimation Not Working On Samsung TV.

We also offer help if you have issues with your Funimation sound or if you are experiencing a black display.

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Why is Funimation Not Working On Samsung TV?

Funimation Not Working On Samsung TV: Fix In 4 Easy Steps

Funimation, as with many streaming services, can experience outages. If you have any issues with Funimation, the best place to start is to use the Down Detector. The Downdetector will display the most recent reports about an app or website being down based on reported events.

Here are some reasons Funimation might not be working on your Samsung TV if Funimation is down.

The app must be updated.

Reddit users have shared their concerns that Funimation can become a problem if the app doesn’t get updated regularly. It may not work if it isn’t updated frequently. You can check if your app requires updating by going to the app store. Search for Funimation, then click on the page and find the “update” button. You are most likely running the latest version.

There is no internet connection.

Funimation may not work if your internet connection is slow or you are trying to use public WiFi. Unless you have a premium account, you will need an internet connection to view all Anime.

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Your TV is old

Funimation Not Working On Samsung TV: Fix In 4 Easy Steps

Your Samsung TV may be out of date.

The app can only be used on Samsung TVs made after 2015. This app will not work on any older Samsung TVs, regardless of brand. This is because of the complexity required to run large apps. Older TVs are unable to handle it.

How to fix Samsung Funimation not working

We’ve solved the problem with the Funimation app. Now you might be curious about how to fix it. We recommend power cycling your Samsung TV. To do this, unplug the TV from the wall and hold the power button for five seconds. After that, let it rest for 1 minute before you plug it back in.

This will reboot your TV and can be useful in getting Funimation back on track.

If power cycling didn’t solve your problem, there are four simple ways to get your Funimation running again.

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A third-party device can be used.

Funimation Not Working On Samsung TV: Fix In 4 Easy Steps

A streaming device can be a great option if you have an old TV or experience problems with smart features. Funimation is one of these options:

  • Firestick
  • Roku
  • Chromecast

You can plug your device into your TV using the USB port if you have one. Next, download the app from our app store.

Clear cache for Funimation

It is essential to clear the cache of an app in order for it to function properly. The cache stores temporary data that allows websites, apps, or videos to load faster in the future. It stores unnecessary data, which can slow down programs and cause them to take up extra space.

Clearing out cached data often can improve speed and fix bugs that could be preventing the program from working as it should.

These steps will allow you to delete your Funimation cache:

  1. Touch the home button on your Samsung TV remote
  2. Next, go to settings and then apps
  3. Next, choose System apps
  4. Choose ‘Funimation’ and then clear cache.
  5. Tap OK.

This may take some time if you haven’t deleted cached data before.

Reinstall the app from Samsung TV

Next, uninstall the app and then reinstall it. You can now run the latest Funimation app by uninstalling the Funimation app and then reinstalling the app. This will delete any stored settings and bugs and make the app work as it should.

To remove an app from Samsung TV, follow these steps:

  1. Use your remote control to access the apps
  2. Next, select the options at the bottom right-hand corner
  3. Scroll down the menu bar to select “Delete”.
  4. Next, choose the app that you wish to delete. In this instance, Funimation.
  5. This should be completely removed.

To redownload the app, you will need to go to the app store. Search for it again, and then press the download button.

Reset your Samsung TV

Resetting your Samsung TV to its original settings is the final solution. This can be annoying, but it can make your TV work like a new one. It will also erase any data that is already on the device. We recommend that you only do this last resort, as it will erase everything.

You can factory reset your Samsung TV by following these steps:

  1. Open your TV settings
  2. Select general from the menu
  3. Next, select reset. You will be asked to create a password. The standard pin for Samsungs is 0000.
  4. After you have completed this, you will be asked to confirm again. Click OK.
  5. Your TV will automatically restart and function as a new device when it loads.

Redownload all your apps, enter your network data and log back into your accounts.

Funimation is only available on Samsung TVs.

Funimation was not available previously on many devices, especially Sony and Samsung. It’s now available on a variety of Smart TVs, including LG and gaming consoles and mobiles.

Funimation can be viewed on these gaming consoles:

  • PS3
  • PS4
  • PS5
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One


We hope this guide has helped you troubleshoot your Samsung TV Funimation error.

We recommend purchasing a third-party device if you experience frequent issues with Smart TV apps. This will make streaming much more enjoyable.

For further assistance, contact Funimation via Tweet if you continue to have problems.

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