Funimation Keeps Buffering: This Guide Will Fix Your Anime Streaming

Funimation Keeps Buffering

Funimation might be the streaming app you prefer if you’re an avid anime fan. But what if Funimation keeps buffering.

Funimation offers over 15,000 hours’ worth of entertainment. It is frustrating to have your buffer stop while watching an anime series or movie.

Why does Funimation Keeps Buffering? A slow internet connection causes the problem.

This directory is easy to read and will provide all the information you need to prevent this from happening on your Funimation App. We want you to enjoy your favourite Anime characters without any pauses.

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Why is Funimation Keeps Buffering?

Funimation Keeps Buffering

It was noted that buffering when Funimation launches a video takes a few minutes. The app uses adaptive bitrate, which increases the buffering time to download all necessary data.

If you experience buffering or lag in streaming your movie or series, it could be because your internet connection is too slow.

To stream without buffering, Funimation needs the following.

  • Standard quality pictures at 2Mbps
  • 5Mbps for high-definition pictures (720 or 1080).

Click to check your internet speed.

Funimation may also be experiencing buffering issues due to server problems. The app will not function properly.

Funimation may have had maintenance performed on its server or an outage.

This link allows you to keep track of the latest status of Funimation and can be used to check it.

How to Fix Funimation Buffering

Funimation Keeps Buffering

How can I fix buffering?

Troubleshooting your Funimation can help you resolve the buffering problem when streaming your content.

Poor internet connections mainly cause buffering. It is recommended that you refresh your internet connection as soon as possible.

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Fix 1. Power reset your Internet

Refreshing the connection between your Funimation device and the network will restart the connection

Step 1. Switch your router/modem off

Step 2. Unplug from its point

Step 3. Take a few moments to get it right

Step 4. Turn the router on and plug it back in

You should also switch off the device you are using and turn it on again for a few minutes.

Fix 2.

Funimation Keeps Buffering

Keep your Funimation app up-to-date to avoid any software bugs or glitches. Upgrades are made to enhance the app’s functionality and make it run more efficiently.

If a newer version is available, sticking to an older version will conflict with the data being used to access Funimation.

Step 1. Open your app store and look for your Funimation App

Step 2 To check if the Update option is available, click on it

Step 3. Choose Update

The new app will overwrite your current version.

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Fix 3.

You should ensure that the Funimation software is up-to-date on the device where you are viewing it.

Your software may be outdated and cause incompatibility with the Funimation app.

Check if there is a software upgrade available for your mobile device.

iPhone: Settings > All > Software Update > Download Now

On Android: Settings > About Phone > Check For Updates > Update > Install

You can access Settings > Support > Update Software > Update Now if you’re on your smart TV.

Fix 4. Change Video resolution

If you stream your Funimation at higher quality, it may cause Funimation to lag and buffer as more video data is needed to download.

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Fix 5.

You can download any movie or series you’ve purchased from Funimation if you’ve chosen the Premium+’ or Premium Ultra.

You will be able to stream the video without buffering, as all data will be saved.

Please note that not all items can be downloaded from Funimation.

Avoid downloading every piece of content. This could cause Funimation to experience further problems.

Funimation is better than Crunchyroll?

You will find anime is more popular than ever; it’s important to confirm your knowledge with so many platforms available.

Is Funimation good to Anime?’

Crunchyroll and Funimation are the best Anime sites to view content because they have the largest selection of options.

Funimation is more affordable to subscribe to, but Crunchyroll offers a wider selection of movies and series.

You can also watch anime in English and with English subtitles.

Funimation can also be used on 2 phones with a standard subscription and 5 smartphones if you subscribe to a premium.

Both streams stream in the same quality, and you can download content for offline viewing.

Funimation’s subscription to Crunchyroll is cheaper than Funimation’s, but this add-on offline is available at a higher price.

Funimation is a great streaming service for viewing Anime content. However, it all depends on what kind of anime you are looking for and which platform is available.


Funimation is an online streaming service that offers all Anime movies and series. It requires a strong internet connection to view it.

Funimation can still have issues, even if you have a good internet connection.

We hope you found this guide helpful in understanding why your Funimation buffers and how to fix them with these 5 simple fixes.

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