Free Cybersecurity Toolkit For Australian Small Businesses To Keep Them CyberSafe

Free Cybersecurity Toolkit For Australian Small Businesses To Keep Them CyberSafe

The 2020 “Australian Cyber Security Centre “(ACSC) yearly cybercrime survey suggests that disruptive online activity is increasing in incidence, range, and complexity in the region. Only about 2 in 10 Australian firms are satisfied that they possess the appropriate safeguards in place, as indicated by the

“NAB Cyber Security” Study of 2020 indicated that 6/10 have suffered a cyber security threat in the previous quarter. Australian businesses endure logistical, financial, economic, and psychological consequences through cyberattacks, which cost the nation roughly $33 billion annually. An increasing number of smaller companies also find themselves compelled to close business operations due to cyberattacks.

The core reason for this increasing online vulnerability is the employment of Free Australian VPN, particularly by small firms. Instead of providing confidentiality and security to the business, these free VPNs expose the sensitive content of the business to hackers and cybercriminals.

Under a partnership between “Global Cyber Alliance and the Australian Cyber Collaboration Center” (A3C), modest Australian-based businesses will now have access to various technologies and services designed to keep them digitally safe.

Collectively, they developed a free cybersecurity platform that is currently offered to new small Australian enterprises. The toolbox is a refined version of a Small Business Cybersecurity Toolbox of GCA. This online platform provides unlimited and valuable data and tools that enterprises in Australia might use to mitigate potential vulnerabilities.

The Australian edition of “GCA Small Business ’s Cybersecurity Toolbox’ was jointly produced, by Paula Oliver, CEO of A3C, to guarantee that the toolkit is congruent with the small company cybersecurity agenda issued by “The Australian Cyber Security Centre.”

Even though the toolbox marks the first notable achievement that emerged from the recent partnership, Lady Oliver stated the two organizations would be exploring further endeavors jointly. “As GCA & A3C share comparable ambitions, we aim to bring this attractive prospect to Australia.

Through the Quad9 operation, the conjunction involving GCA, the Packet Clearing House, and IBM, one such potential collaboration is made accessible. “Quad9 is free to utilize and safeguards from accessing renowned rogue domains,” claimed Oliver. We are currently looking at how we might integrate this into the open wifi Networks in Adelaide, wherein A3C is headquartered.

In 2018, the open Wi-Fi connection in New York welcomed Quad9.

As per Susan Close, Acting Prime Minister for Industries, Science and Innovations, such an alliance exemplifies A3C’s devotion towards cooperation and the way the institution can utilize its comprehensive expertise to assist businesses in Australia.

According to Minister Close, “A3C is contributing to establishing cybersecurity awareness, competence, and endurance in Australian smaller companies via drawing together industry experts.”The A3C may leverage its considerable expertise to establish a much more reliable and prosperous framework for business within cyberspace.

Being the only cyber hub in Australia, the A3C does have a broad partnership of domestic and international digital alliances that creates a platform for collaboration between economic, industrial, and educational service sectors.

The GCA Toolkit is a compilation of commercial tools and materials which GCA has evaluated to ensure compliance with a multitude of commonly accepted cybersecurity principles. In addition, the ACSC checklist of prevention measures for cyberattacks stands as the baseline throughout Australia.

The GCA Toolkit educates smaller companies via six stages (or toolsets), each of which contains resources for free to assist businesses in attaining increased security. The materials comprise lectures, recommendations, educational materials, and other suggestions. Furthermore, there is a discussion board to facilitate integration in addition to an educational portal providing exposure to a range of 7 complimentary short courses.

 Description of A3C (Australian Cyber Collaboration Center).

In 2020, the A3C, a quasi-membership organization, was founded. The Federal Govt of Southern Australia, business associates including BAE Systems Australia and Telstra, scholastic institutes like UniSA, the University of Adelaide, and Flinders University, together with industry partners like Telstra and BAE Systems Australia, all have donated towards its $10 million funding through Southern Australia’s Department for Cyber Defense. Commonwealth Bank is the benefactor of the NGO.

The proclaimed objective of A3C is just to “enhance & safeguard the corporate culture in cyberspace benefiting enterprises, corporations, organizations, and institutes.” Therefore, A3C provides a broad range of extra services to complement the free toolkit & assist SMEs in launching their cybersecurity voyage, including affiliate subscriptions that enable SMEs savings on services and products along with Cyber Camps and a complimentary in-person or virtual “check-up” with a competent counselor.

Description of GCA (Global Cyber Alliance)

In a bid to make the Web safer by diminishing cybersecurity risks, the Global Cyber Alliance, a nonprofit group, was established. GCA promotes initiatives, ideas, technologies, and alliances that encourage economic and social progress for everyone whilst preserving a resilient Web. GCA is now a non-profit corporation operating offices in the Commonwealth, the USA, and Belgium.

It was launched in 2015 by the City of London Metropolitan, the Institute for Online Security, and the Queens District Attorney’s Department. Approximately 160 organizations from 98 different nations and all industries sponsor GCA.

Ending Note

The initiative of defending small businesses against the reciprocities of cybercriminals taken jointly by the Global Cyber Alliance and Australian Cyber Collaboration Center should indeed be applauded. We sincerely hope this endeavor leads to an upsurge in the small business realm shortly. 

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