9 Free & Best Noise Cancellation Software You Must Try

Best Noise Cancellation Software

Noise-cancelling software can be used to remove unwanted audio interference, such as background noise and mic noises, to create clear sounding sounds. Noise-cancelling apps are great for streaming or meeting Audio, especially if you don’t have a microphone.

These tools can do what the best microphones cannot: cancel all noises and isolate the sound source. Noise cancellation is an important part of modern audio production. It helps drown out the surrounding noises and produces clear and accurate audio quality.

Audio quality is more important than video quality. Audio of high quality doesn’t distract you from the video content. It embraces and connects with you, resulting in a better listening experience, learning or entertainment.

You can find a lot of noise-cancelling programs online, but not all of them are good. Here are some of the best noise cancellation software you can install on your device.

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What is Noise Cancellation Software?

Noise-cancelling software acts as a virtual filter. It records the background noise and then inverts that noise signal to create noise. The output signal includes your music or voice recording. The anti-noise signal cancels the noise from the surrounding area when it reaches us. Check out this list of noise-cancelling software that is free.

Free & Best Noise Cancellation Software

Best Noise Cancellation Software

Krisp- For Windows and macOS

Krisp is an essential app for remote workers. It’s user-friendly, and it can instantly cancel background noises because it is AI-powered.

Krisp is known for its ability to deliver crystal-clear and high-quality Audio with all background noises removed. This app is a favourite of the industry and was named one of TIME’s most innovative inventions of 2020.

Krisp can be used to mute unwanted barking dogs and crying babies.

Its AI-powered noise suppression uses machine learning to analyze an individual’s audio feed and filter out any noise. The speech signal is retained.

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Key Features

  • It features an AI-powered noise filtering device.
  • It can be used with over 800 streaming and communication apps.
  • All noise from Microphones is removed
  • All noise from speakers is removed
  • Cancel Acoustic Echoes
  • Room echo removal.
  • Support for all headsets, microphones and speakers.
  • Mode with low power consumption for minimum CPU usage
  • HD voice output.
  • Inbuilt audio recording.
  • Floating widget quick feature accessibility.

Pricing Plans

Krisp is a freemium program.

Premium plans are available, but there is a free trial. It includes 240 minutes with speaker noise removal, microphone noise removal, speaker sound removal feature, room echo cancellation and HD Voice.

These are the three tire-paid plans:

  1. Personal Pro ($12/month, charged monthly)
  2. Enterprise (quotation-based pricing).
  3. Teams ($12 per user per month, billed monthly)

All premium plans include unlimited minutes and monthly or annual subscriptions.

You can remove unwanted noises from your Audio and still get HD voice.

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Nvidia RTX voice – Windows and macOS

Nvidia RTX voice - Windows and macOS

Nvidia RTX does a great job of removing background noise from audio clips. It works by creating a virtual microphone and speakers in your computer system used in audio and video chats to remove background noise.

Nvidia introduced RTX Voice in April 2020 as an extension to its RTX 20-series GPUs. It enhances audio communication by reducing background noise and AI support. It can suppress background noise from other online players when playing in noisy environments.

RTX Voice is now compatible with all high-quality graphics card models from the RTX 30-series to the GTX 600 series. This means that you can use RTX Voice with NVIDIA GTX and RTX graphics cards but must have at least driver v410.18 and newer and Windows 10.

It supports all communication apps on the PC, but you cannot use it on your mobile phone, unlike Krisp, which works well for multi-device use. Official statement on supported communication apps:

  • OBS Studio
  • Streamlabs
  • XSplit Broadcaster
  • XSplit Gamecaster
  • Twitch Studio
  • Discord
  • Google Chrome
  • Battle.chat
  • WebEx
  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Slack
  • Teams
  • Steam Chat

Warning: The RTX Voice takes system resources. You would prefer to not run it constantly, so you can use your Microphone and speaker to do the job.

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Key features

  • Artificial Intelligence capabilities can eliminate background noise from calls and streams
  • Removes fan and PC noises from Microphone
  • Distracting keypress sounds of a mechanical keyboard are eliminated
  • Crystal clear Audio
  • Support two-way noise removal means incoming & outgoing noise filtering.
  • You can support a variety of communication apps.

Pricing Plans

Nvidia RTX Voice is a free tool that is available for both GTX as well as RTX GPUs. You’ll still need to spend $$$ on your GPU.

SoliCall for Windows

SoliCall for Windows

SoliCall Pro Professional Noise Cancellation Software. This software is used primarily by individuals and organizations who require professional-quality audio output for various purposes.

SoliCall uses a patented noise reduction technology. This improves audio quality by filtering out audio signals that do not originate from the speaker’s voice stream.

Profile-based noise reduction (PNR), their technology, does not concentrate on noises specific to other software. Instead, it focuses only on the speaker’s voice.

The PNR technology is compatible with bidirectional audio streams. It can provide a noise-free experience both for incoming and outgoing streams.

SoilCall works with all versions of Windows. It provides clear audio quality for both sides of the call and filters echos. You can also benefit from their cloud services on your mobile devices, as they offer it through the internet.

This noise-cancelling software is useful for individuals and companies, especially call centres. SoilCall’s Noise Farewell solution prevents ambient noise from call centres and helps customers avoid overhearing it.

Key Features

  • Echo cancellation and noise reduction are made on both ends of the call
  • All audio formats supported
  • All commercial phones are compatible
  • It is easy to integrate your softphone.
  • Record the calls
  • Lowest CPU requirements
  • Compatible with all cloud-based communication apps

Pricing Plans

SoilCall Pro has a 3 day trial period. To purchase the premium, you must contact their support/sales team.

NoiseGator (Noise Gate) – Linux/Mac/Windows

NoiseGator (Noise Gate) - Linux/Mac/Windows

This simple noise suppression program can remove background noise while you talk to others via Skype. Based on the gate logic, it can remove all noise from your speaker output or audio input.

NoiseGator listens to Skype calls and analyzes the level of the Audio. If the audio level is greater than the threshold, the input is bypassed as normal. Noisegator will close the gate if the average audio level falls below the threshold.

This tool can be used with a virtual cable, which acts as a noise gate to either the input(Microphone) or output(speakers). This tool can be used for gaming, online conferences (on Skype), and long sessions. My tests show that switching audio inputs during use works well.

Key Features

  • This product is compatible with Skype and was designed for Skype calls.
  • It is a lightweight, open-source program.
  • For Windows, Java 7 or higher is required.
  • Java 6 or greater is required for Mac (Java 7 recommended).
  • A virtual audio cable is needed to use it with VIOPs.

Pricing Plans

Noise Gator is an open-source program. The developer suggests that Windows users install or update a /VB-Cable driver.

Skype calls are free of noise cancellation software.

MP3, MP4, WAV Audio, Video Noise Reducer and Converter – Android

This app cuts out background noise and reduces it on Android devices is the most highly-rated on Google Play Store. You can also use it as an audio recording tool.

MP3, WAV Audio Video Noise Reducer, Converter uses the most recent deep learning technology described to cancel or remove noise from audio files.

The app is lightweight and doesn’t take up much space on your phone. It’s also very easy to use. It doesn’t support music, so you can’t clear any noises while listening to music. This is a shame, as music has a high bitrate these days.

This app allows you to create audiobooks with clear audio quality and reduced noise.

Key Features

  • It makes audio noiseless and clean
  • Allows for comparison of clean and noisy Audio
  • Saves Audio in 15+ audio formats
  • High-Quality Audio Recorder
  • Facilitates the sharing of Noiseless Audio & Video

Pricing Plans

This noise-cancelling application is completely free.

A noise reducer is an Android tool that can remove noise from Android devices.

Neutralizer for Android

This is a unique app, but it’s not your typical noise-cancelling one. It is a sound equalizer that improves audio quality on mobile devices.

We believe we need high-quality audio output hardware. This is true, but you can achieve high-quality Audio with hearing enhancement. Neutralizer was designed to reduce the loss of your acoustic tracks.

The Neutralizer measures your hearing ability within key frequency ranges. It then adjusts the system equalizer according to that profile to provide a better listening experience.

The app’s audio customization features are very flexible. To achieve your desired listening experience, you can also manually remove unwanted frequencies. Because it doesn’t distort the sound quality like other apps, Neutralizer is more useful in this app category.

Key Features

  • An audio examination feature is available
  • Sound adaptation
  • The Noise Reduction Mode is activated
  • An Adaptive System Equalizer (ASE) is available
  • There are many key frequency ranges available

Pricing Plans

Neutralizer is available for Android users and is free to use.

Neutralizer improves your listening sense on a mobile device.

Samson Sound Deck – Windows/Mac

Samson Sound Deck, free software that cancels noise, includes Samson’s “Go Mic Direct Portable USB”, Microphone. Sound Deck includes everything you need to enhance computer communication and audio recording.

It uses state of the art digital Noise Reduction algorithms to produce high-quality, crystal-clear audio outputs. It is important to note that digital audio processing technology can be found in the cockpits of military fighter planes and tactical Special Forces units. This technology heavily inspires Samson Sound Deck.

Key Features

  • Sound Deck, as mentioned above, is an audio utility tool that includes various output and recording options.
  • It works well on both Windows PCs and Mac PCs.
  • We found that this tool is memory efficient.
  • You can adjust the volume and audio output with filters.
  • It is too good to record webinars. Voice memos are also acceptable.

Pricing Plans

Samson Sound Deck is priced at $4, and there’s no demo or trial version.

Sound Deck increases the capabilities of computer communication.

Noise Killer- Android-only noise cancelling app

Another noise suppression program available only for Android phones is Noise Killer. It is useful for managing noises in crowdy, which can be very helpful in libraries, classrooms and offices where silence is required.

Noise killer is one the easiest noise reduction apps that can be used to monitor sound levels. If the sounds exceed your maximum sound level or default configuration, you will be notified.

There are several alert types available, including vibration, beep and message. The volume can be adjusted according to the noise around you. The “shake” function adjusts the volume according to your phone’s movements.

Key Features

  • Noise level monitoring
  • Automatic volume adjustment
  • Monitoring speed movement
  • Access to geo-position
  • Shake function

Pricing Plans

Noise Killer is an app that is free to install and is available in the Playstore.

Noise Killer is a tool that can reduce noise levels in your environment.

Urban Denoiser

UrbanDenoiser allows users to listen to their favourite music. It can also act as noise cancellation software, automatically adjusting the volume or frequency masking to remove background noises.

This noise-cancelling application allows you to hear better and suppresses video calls’ sounds. In 2015, the Microsoft AppCup awarded UrbanDenoiser its award.

Key Features

  • Noise reduction
  • Patented natural sound restoration
  • Sound amplification equalizer
  • Volume booster

Pricing Plans

UrbanDenoiser, another app that is free to use with in-app advertisements, can be found here.

UrbanDenoiser lets you suppress the noise from music and video calls.

Wrapping Up: Are you able to pick up your noise cancellation software?

These seven tools were chosen based on their capabilities and user experience. These tools have tons of amazing features you will want to explore. You can either visit their official sites or test them out to find the one that suits you best. There are also other tools on the market that might interest you.

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