Fortnite Won’t Log in On Switch: Here’s how to fix this error

Fortnite Won't Log in On Switch

We assume that you are facing the same problem as many other gamers playing Fortnite on Nintendo Switch. Fortnite won’t log in on Switch.

Fortnite is fun to play on consoles such as the Nintendo Switch. Epic Games didn’t originally develop the royal battle game for the Switch console. Fortnite players who play on the Nintendo Switch are often faced with random problems. Login issue is one of the most common. Fortnite doesn’t allow gamers to log in on Switch when they try to play the game.

We have investigated this issue to find out why it occurs and how we can fix it. We have discussed the Fortnite Log In the issue on Switch and provided a detailed explanation.

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Why won’t Fortnite let me log in?

Fortnite Won't Log in On Switch

The following factors could be the reason why Fortnite is not logging in with your Nintendo Switch:

Nintendo Switch account not tied to Epic Games.

Fortnite Epic Games account must be linked to the console profile. This is the first condition for playing Fortnite on any platform. You must link all accounts, regardless of whether it is an Xbox, Playstation or another platform. This is also true for Nintendo Switch. The game will not allow you to log in if your Nintendo Switch account isn’t linked to epic games.

Already associated with a different account.

This is annoying. This is a problem that gamers often face. When trying to link a Switch account with Epic Games, the message “Failed to Link Account” appears. This message may appear even if you have never registered an account. It doesn’t show the account ID or accounts it is associated with.

This can occur when you attempt to log in to Fortnite on Switch but don’t follow the correct procedure to link your account. Epic Games will then create an account on your Nintendo Switch.

This can occur when you log in to Fortnite on Switch but don’t follow the correct procedure to link your account. Epic Games will then create an account on your Nintendo Switch.

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Fortnite won’t log in to Switch because of a conflict between other platforms.

Fortnite Won't Log in On Switch

Fortnite was not originally developed for Nintendo Switch, as we mentioned earlier. Later, the platform was added. Your Switch profile could conflict with Epic Games accounts connected to other platforms. A few reports have indicated that the Nintendo Switch may conflict with the Playstation when they are both connected to Epic Games.

Unstable networks can lead to

The login problem can occur if your network connection is unstable or slow. Slow network connections can make it difficult for your device to connect to the login server. When the connection is interrupted repeatedly, your device will be temporarily blocked from logging in by the login server.

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How can I log in to Fortnite on my Nintendo Switch?

During your last login attempt to Fortnite on Switch, you may have made a mistake. Let’s first go over the entire process.

These steps will allow you to log in.

Step-1 Launch Fortnite first on the Nintendo Switch console.

Step-2 Next, click on “Link an Account“. This will give you a verification code. Keep that code for later.

Step 3: Sign in to Epic Games from a computer or mobile device.

Step-4: After that, go to Epic Game Activate Centre. There, enter the verification code.

Step-5 Click the Continue button to log in to the game on your Switch console.

You can verify this by selecting CONNECTIONS from Epic Games and moving to the Accounts tab. You will see that Nintendo Switch is connected.

Alternative way

Another way to connect accounts: Click the Connected Accounts tab in your Fortnite Epic Games account. Click the “Connect” button in the Nintendo Switch section. Next, enter your Switch credentials and connect the account.

Frontline is not accessible on other platforms. The article Unable to Log in to Fortnite: Get Back in the Game With This Guide will help you find a solution.

What should you do if Fortnite refuses to log in on Switch?

Even if you follow the normal procedure, it is possible to have trouble logging into the game. Troubleshooting is your best bet in such cases. Let’s get started on the troubleshooting. We’ll try to figure out what’s preventing you from logging into Fortnite on Nintendo Switch.

Fix-1 – Disconnect conflict account

Suppose you see the message “This Fortnite account is associated with a platform that does not allow it to operate on Nintendo Switch”. In that case, it means that your account from another platform is conflicting with your Switch account. You will need to disconnect the Epic Games account that is conflicting with your Switch account.

These are the steps to follow:

Step-1 Log in to Epic Games from a computer.

Step 2: Select connections and then move to the Accounts tab of the account page.

Step 3: The Epic Games accounts are connected under the Accounts tab. To avoid conflict, disconnect other platforms (especially Playstation).

Step 4: Click on the Disconnect button. A popup appears asking for confirmation. To complete the process, click the Unlink button.

The good news is that the conflict issue has been resolved using the most recent updates. The problem could still occur. It is better to consider this when troubleshooting.

Fix-2: Already associated with a different account

You will need to locate the account that is causing the problem and then remove it. Click on the Epic Games Accounts tab under the Connections. The message “Failed to connect account” appears if the Nintendo Switch isn’t connected. Follow these steps to resolve the issue.

Step-1 Logout of Epic Games from PC.

Step-2 Now log in with Nintendo.

Step 3: Next, go to Connections > Accounts. You will see that your Nintendo Switch has been connected. However, you can’t unlink the account.

Step 4: Scroll down to the Delete account section. To delete the account, you can go to General. Next, click Request Account to Delete.

Fix-3 – Power cycle your devices if Fortnite doesn’t log in to Switch

Some temporary problems can also occur. Some temporary issues can also be caused by temporary memory (Cache Memory) in devices. These temporary processes and cache memories are cleared when you reboot your device. This is known as Power Cycle.

In this instance, you might try to reboot your devices, Nintendo Switch console and network device. After a few minutes:

  1. Turn off your devices.
  2. Turn them on as normal.
  3. Perform the power cycle on each device individually to see if it resolves the problem.


Fortnite may not log in to Switch because of network connection issues or Fornite Login Server errors. You can check your internet connection or talk to your internet service provider.

If the error is on your part, you can troubleshoot the problem using the above procedure. If you do not find an issue, contact Fortnite’s support team.

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