Foeim Academy.Org – Check here

Foeim Academy.Org - Check here

An academy is an establishment of higher secondary or tertiary education and research or an honorary membership. The origins of the name date back to Plato’s philosophy school, founded around 385 BC in Akademia, a sanctuary for Athena, the goddess of wisdom , knowledge and knowledge located to the northwest from Athens, Greece.

An academy is an institution of secondary education, specifically one which is private or offers instruction in a specific discipline. Saint John’s College High School as well as The State University of New York Maritime College and the Texas Military Institute-the Episcopal School of Texas are all examples that are an example of an academy.

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Academy – in the United States often denotes pre-college education (High School) but it’s not always. A more general term used to describe a schools or educational institutions. For instance, The Air Force Academy would be considered to be a University however, many academies across the United States would be more similar to elementary schools.

Academies have greater control over how they conduct themselves They don’t have to adhere to the national curriculum. They can also decide on their terms. Some schools choose to be Academies. If a school funded by an authority local to it is deemed inadequate by Ofsted, the school must be made an academy.

Foeim Academy.Org

Free Online Educational Institution Myanmar (FOEIM) was established on April 1st by the late Ms. Khant Thu. FOEIM serves as an interim organisation created to ensure that students’ education is not be slack and that a more advanced education system develops.

FOEIM was created to not fall behind in the teaching students that protest the system of education for slaves in military and the dictatorship of the military by the civil disobedience movement and to provide help as part of the an interim education department that is part of the National Unity Government. Currently, over 10,000 students in grades 1 to 10 are taught using the digital platform online.

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As a result, we are guided by the fundamental education curriculum established by the Ministry of Education. We are collaborating with student unions and teachers from ethnic communities to develop an education system that is more suitable for students and people of ethnic origin in areas of ethnicity and to provide to higher education, not only in urban areas, but also in rural regions.

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