Best Florida Small Business Grants

florida small business grants

Are you a small-scale business owner searching for grant opportunities in Florida? You’ve arrived at the right location. This page lists grants currently open to Florida small-sized companies. Bookmark this page because we update it regularly.

Do not miss the Small Business Grant Program

Deadline for applications Deadline to apply: Applications are accepted all year long.
Grant amount: $1K.
Eligibility is open to all small-business owners and entrepreneurs.
Grant information: As of the month of March in 2020, we’ve donated our YouTube profits to small and individual companies. Every Wednesday, on the third Wednesday of every month, we give various grants of $1000 to business owners to fuel their passion.
Apply: To find out the details about our grants and how you can get EXTRA entries, check out this article. We have a grants application webpage if you’re looking to apply now.

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North Miami Small Business Grant

Deadline for applying: At present, there isn’t a deadline.
Grant amount: $1K
Eligibility: The applicant must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and employ 10 people or less in the low – to the moderate-income range.
Grant details: You are not eligible if you received the City of North Miami or an SBA grant in the past five years.
Apply: Find out more about this job and submit your application online.

Seminole County’s Small Business Assistance Program

Deadline for applying: At present, there is no deadline to apply.
Grant amount: up to $15K.
Eligibility: Any firm operating within Seminole County on or before January 1, 2020, employs less than 51 people.
Grant details: The number of grants varies based on the company’s employees. Grant funds can be used to pay rent or mortgage payments, payroll, and other business expenditures.
Apply: Find out more information about this opportunity and then apply online.

Incumbent Worker Training Grant

The deadline for applications is 30 June 2022.
Grant amount: up to $100K.
Eligibility Anyone who owns a business located in Florida who requires or wishes to teach employees new techniques.
Grant details A incumbent worker has a regular work schedule of a minimum of 37.5 days per week. Is 18 years old, a Florida resident, and has worked for the organization for at least six months before submitting the grant application.
Apply: Find out more about this job and then apply online.

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Other Small Business Funds

This page will be updated with any new grants we come across them. If you’re not eligible for any of the Florida grants currently listed here, be sure to check back later and look over the grants guides.

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  • Women-owned business grants
  • Grants for minority-owned companies
  • Grants for veteran-owned companies

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