7 Ways To Fix Incorrect PSK Provided For Network SSID Error

7 Ways To Fix Incorrect PSK Provided For Network SSID Error

When your computer connects to a wireless connection, it stores the network profile and network settings. During setting up a connection between two parties, it is necessary to have a secure key transferred via the secure channel before it is utilized.

The secured key is the “pre-shared key” (PSK). In essence, it’s a technique for authentication of clients that utilizes the string comprised of 64 hexadecimal numbers to create keys to secure every wireless client.

Creating the encryption key is done using the technology known as”TKIP” (Temporal Key Integrity Protocol).

In this article, we’ll discuss a problem commonly caused by the router’s password being changed, and Fix Incorrect PSK Provided For Network SSID Error. This error can be described as “incorrect PSK provided for network SSID” that could cause panic due to the possibility that you will require internet connectivity urgently.

First, let’s determine what may be the cause of this issue!

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How To Fix Incorrect PSK Provided For Network SSID Error

7 Ways To Fix Incorrect PSK Provided For Network SSID Error
  • If you’ve accidentally changed your router’s sharing keys (PSK) when you changed the Wi-Fi password, then your computer might not get the correct PSK and start showing the ” Incorrect Psk Provided for Network SSID Error” message.
  • A corrupted network driver could be the cause of this issue. Also, a wrong Wi-Fi password could lead you to the same problem, but that’s not always the case.
  • Another possible cause could be that your router is running its standard Windows adapter. In this instance, it is possible that the standard Windows adapter could treat the router as a WPA2 ( Wi-Fi Protected Access II) network, even though it’s making use of WEP ( Wired Equivalent Privacy) encryption instead, and reverse. The authentication won’t work even though you have entered the proper password if this happens.

In light of these possible causes for the “Incorrect Psk Provided for Network SSID” error, We have conducted a thorough investigation and found a few possible solutions that you can test to resolve the issue.

Because the reasons are obvious, there is no need to be worried; rather, you can adhere to the steps given in the following steps. We are hoping that this guide can help you solve this issue.

, Before attempting any of the steps below, please be sure you’re sure that you are not entering the incorrect password to establish an account.

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How to solve the in error PSK used to fix the network SSID Error

We’re ordering six different fixes in this manner. However, you do not require to try them all. You just need to adhere to the structure.

Restart the router and modem.

7 Ways To Fix Incorrect PSK Provided For Network SSID Error

The first thing you’d like to do is reboot your router and modem. This isn’t a typical scenario, but due to the lengthy duration of the runtime, they may overheat and create an error.

The debugging procedure is, in this instance, quite simple. All you need to be able to do is switch off the router and modem after some time and let it cool off before you switch it back on.

Switching off well will also refresh Internet connections, and, hopefully, this will resolve the problem. If this method doesn’t work, you can try the next step.

Update the network driver on your router

As we mentioned earlier, when Windows has the default adapter installed, it could cause an issue when it treats this router with WPA2. The router employs WEP encryption.

This could cause an authentication error regardless of whether the user has entered the correct password.

The solution to this problem is downloading the specific driver for your router and installing it manually on your computer. By doing this, you will be able to force the router to recognize your encryption mechanism.

To install the driver for your router, you must visit the official website and search for the driver for that specific model. When downloading, please ensure you’re downloading the most recent driver update.

Alternately, you can utilize the Windows driver updates feature (connect to an alternative router to gain access to the internet), and you’ll receive the most current driver update for the router.

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Follow the steps listed below to update the driver of your router:

How can I update router drivers within Windows?

  • Click Windows + R to open the run dialogue box. Enter devmgmt.msc And press enter to open the window for managing drivers.
  • The device management Expand the drop-down menu of network adapters and choose and right-click on the adapter for your network driver.
  • In the next window that pops up, click search automatically to search for the latest drivers and then wait until it can search the most current driver. If it comes across an update, download it to your computer.
  • Following installation, restart your computer and test if these steps solved the issue! If not, move on to the next step.

Delete existing wireless network profile

7 Ways To Fix Incorrect PSK Provided For Network SSID Error

If your computer connects to a wireless connection, it can save your profile and the settings for the network. Sometimes, the profile and settings could remain the same after resetting the password.

This can result in an incorrect PSK used for the network SSID error. To correct this issue, attempt to remove the wireless profile on your PC. Follow the steps listed below to delete your network profile in the Network Manager.

[1] Right-click on the icon for the network and then select the Internet and network settings. The option is available within the area of notification.

[2] . On the left panel, select the Wi-Fi option, and then click on well-known manage networks.

[3] All networks previously connected will be listed in the list.

[4] Right now, Choose the network you prefer and then click and then click. Don’t forget. It will erase the profile you’ve chosen off your personal computer.

[5] Then try connecting to the network again and check whether this resolves the problem. If you’re still experiencing the issue, you need to move on with the following step.

Connect manually to the wireless network

7 Ways To Fix Incorrect PSK Provided For Network SSID Error

Even after you have deleted any wireless network profile you have on your computer, and you still receive a wrong PSK used for the network SSID error, try connecting your wireless connection manually and then create an entirely new network profile.

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To do this, you must follow these steps one after one:

How do I manually connect to wireless networks?

[1] Press Windows + R Click to open the run dialogue box.

[2] Then, type Control in the Run dialogue box and then click Okay.

[3] Cut down the available options by choosing tiny icons using the control panel and then clicking on Sharing and network centre.

[4] After that, you need to click Create the connection option.

[5] Click to manually connect to wireless networks Option and the next.

[6] In the next window, add the Name and Password of your wireless. You must set the security type WPA2-Personal And then the next.

[7] Finally, you will need to decide to use the network that is already in place option of connecting wireless to the wireless network. If the connection has been made successfully, browse a website and check whether the issue has been resolved or not.

If restarting the connection manually isn’t working, you must connect to the network profile you have already created by using your command prompt.

Use the Elevated command prompt to connect to an existing network profile.

Although you may have had your issue solved at this point, there’s an opportunity that the incorrect PSK used to resolve the Network SSID error remains.

Certain users have been told they could connect to a network profile using an Elevated command prompt, even though no other method is working.

The steps to follow for this method are the following:

[1] open the run dialogue box, and then type out cmd. Press Control + Shift + enter to start the elevated Command prompts. Click Yes On the User Account Control (UAC) pop-up.

[2] Enter this command to access the complete list of wireless networks:

netsh WLAN display profiles

[3] Locate the profile of your wireless network that you wish to connect to, then enter the following command, followed by the Inscribe key.

netsh WLAN name connects equal “network account name.”

Remember that you must add your real username for your network on the placeholder.

Update Windows

An outdated operating system might be unable to handle the latest driver and software upgrades. This is a possible reason to cause an incorrect PSK error when trying to connect to a router.

If an out-of-date Windows causes this error, it is recommended to upgrade the Windows. It’s very simple. Just go through the list.

  • Start the command prompt and start it using the Administrator privilege.
  • Enter SFC/Scannow in the command prompt and then press Enter.
  • SFC /scannow will analyze all the essential system files on your computer, including Windows DLLs. If it discovers problems with one of these protected files, it will repair them.

After a full update, you can ensure that the Incorrect PSK used to Network SSID is corrected!

Scanning your operating system’s file system

There is a chance that the operating system’s files are affected by malware or malware. You must try to scan these files with Windows Defender to determine if you detect any malware-infected files that prevent the connection of your internet router.

If you discover infected files, it is important to fix them as soon as possible to correct the network issue.

You can scan the operating system files that use the Windows Defender default scanning procedure or by using SFC. SFC command. To run a scan of your PC, follow the following steps.

  • Start the command prompt and use it with admin privilege.
  • Enter scannow/sfc into the command prompt, and hit enter.
  • Sfc/scannow will analyze every one of the crucial system files on your computer, including Windows DLLs. If it discovers problems with one of these protected files, they will be replaced.

Network issues are quite common when using a Windows PC. The majority of them are resolved by a few settings adjustments and system reboots or even a restart of the modem. However, problems like an incorrect PSK can cause panic among the users.

We hope that these suggestions will surely lead you towards the resolution of the issue so that you can begin enjoying internet connectivity once again.

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