Fix Facebook Error Performing Query | Easy Steps

Facebook Error Performing Query

Are you experiencing a Facebook Error Performing Query when trying to connect with Facebook’s tools for marketing? Do you encounter the same issue in marketplace tools too? This article will help you understand the query error and how to solve it.

It is no doubt that Facebook has become the largest and most viewed and growing social media platform around the globe. It’s not just a place to meet with friends but also a place to benefit from a variety of promotional features for your company.

But, many Facebook users are experiencing the error message and aren’t sure how to fix it. Let’s look into the meaning of the error and look at various ways to resolve it.

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What is a Query Error?

Fix Facebook Error Performing Query | Easy Steps

The error in the query shows its ugly face on the server-side and occurs most often when you attempt to send out messages to multiple merchants on the market. If the error originates from a particular Facebook account, you’ll likely encounter similar issues on another account.

Users also complained that they encounter similar issues when trying to make new posts on forums or to interact with classified ads.

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How Can I Fix Facebook Error Performing Query On Facebook?

If you’re among those unfortunate users experiencing the error when a query is being performed repeatedly, take a look at the common solutions and try them.

Log back into Facebook.

Sometimes, temporary bugs within your current session may cause some issues to pop up on your Facebook screen. So, it’s recommended to begin the process over again with a brand new Facebook session. For this, click the option to log out within your Facebook app or web browser. Then, you can utilize your login credentials to sign in again. Check to see if you receive the query error message once more.

Restart Your Mobile Device/Computer

Fix Facebook Error Performing Query | Easy Steps

Your device’s hardware could cause an issue with query performance on Facebook. If this occurs, you could see additional issues arising on other applications on your mobile device or on various sites on your computer’s desktop.

Restarting the device will flush the temporary files as well as clear the cache locally simultaneously. In addition, the restart will fix any conflicts with background applications that may cause the error.

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Update the Facebook app and update your browser

You must ensure that you’re using the most recent version of the Facebook application on your smartphone. Similar to the browser you use to connect to Facebook on your PC. To update your Facebook application:

  • If you’re using an iOS and Android device, click on the App Store, or Google Play Store
  • Enter Facebook into the search box.
  • If you find the option to Update, you can click it to install the latest updates.

If you’re using the Chrome browser to sign in to Facebook from your personal desktop computer, you can update the browser using the three dots located on the right of the display. After that, click Settings just above the Help button and then click “About Chrome”. Google will determine automatically whether there is an update available. Install and download the Update.

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Clear Cache for Facebook and Browser

Fix Facebook Error Performing Query | Easy Steps

Cleaning your Facebook app’s cache on your smartphone as well as clearing your browser cache on your computer can assist in resolving the that is causing the query error.

To clear the Facebook app cache:

  • Click on Settings, then navigate to the Apps Management
  • Scroll to the bottom and choose the Facebook application.
  • Click on the Clear Cache and Clear Data options.

To remove Chrome browsing cookies

  • Click on the three dots in the Chrome browser menu and then click on More Tools.
  • Select Clear browsing data
  • Choose “All time” from the dropdown menu of the time option, then click the Clear Data button
  • Shut down all tabs and windows, and then relaunch the Chrome browser.

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You can install the Facebook App.

Suppose none of these solutions worked for you, and you’re using the Facebook application on your smartphone. In that case, the final option is to delete the Facebook application and perform another install. A clean and fresh installation can help fix the conflicts between the Facebook app and background services and the software for your mobile. How to do this:

  • Visit the Apps management on the Android phone
  • Click on the Facebook app and then click on Uninstall.
  • Then head over to Google Play to download the Google Play store
  • Look for the Facebook app, then tap on Install.


Facebook is working to resolve the error-related query issue on their side. But, you can follow this guide to perform some troubleshooting yourself and check if the device you are using is the reason behind this error. If everything looks fine for you, then take your time and wait for Facebook to resolve the issue. Enjoy your day!

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