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Facebook Profile Photo

If you’re an avid Facebook user, updating or uploading the Facebook Profile Photo that you like seems to be an easy job. However, numerous concerns could pop up in your thoughts, like what is the best Facebook profile size or uploading your photos in full-size without cutting it, or changing your profile picture and not losing followers.

In this thorough guide, we will provide the full strategies and techniques to help you answer all of these questions.

This post will provide an abundance of information that will make life easier on Facebook in the area of pictures for your profile are concerned.

The solution to some of these questions requires some workaround. This is what Facebook is right now, with a number of complicated steps, even for tasks that are simple.

Furthermore, indeed, Facebook regularly makes adjustments and adjustments to its user interface may complicate things. Let’s get it out of the way.

Facebook includes two images displayed on your main profile: the Profile Photo, which is displayed in circles in a circle cover photo, and a rectangular banner-like image. You can improve the appearance and appearance of the appearance of your Facebook profile by selecting the proper size and resolution for these photos.

First, let’s address the most fundamental question of the dimensions or size to choose for your Facebook Profile Picture and why it is cut in half. Let’s address this.

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What are the Facebook Size of the Profile Picture, and what is the reason it gets cut?

Facebook Profile Photo

The Facebook Profile image will be presented in the following sizes:

  • 180 by 180 pixels For Laptop and Desktop view
  • 128 by 128 pixels – For Mobiles

Be aware it is the size at which the profile photo appears shown and not the size of the picture saved or uploaded on Facebook.

You can upload images that are of any size. The minimum width has to be at least 180 pixels.

Although the dimensions allow it to appear simple, determining the proper image size could be difficult. Since when you upload your Facebook Profile picture in a normal manner, it’s cut in the shape of a square instantly (there are a few simple ways to upload photos without cropping, which are discussed below)

The way cropping process involves that it is cropped to the width or height (whichever is larger) to ensure it is equivalent to the size of the smaller side, forming the shape of a square. For e.g. the image’s size of 720 (w) (w) x the size is 480 (h). It will be cropped to create one square, 480(w) and 480(h). This is if you do not use zoom-in when uploading the photo.

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If you decide on full-size zooming, your photo will be cropped to 180 by 180. This is the standard display size without adjusting the dimensions of the original photo.

But, when it’s visible in your profiles or your blog posts, it will take the form of a circle with a diameter of 180 pixels.

Therefore, you should select a square image with you in the middle so that your image appears good even in a smaller size on your smartphone.

Let’s answer the question regarding how to upload a Facebook photo of your profile in full-size (no trimming):

How do I upload a Facebook Profile Pictures without Cropping

Facebook Profile Photo

You can upload your Facebook profile Picture without cropping to full-size using the Facebook Classic interface on your Desktop. To bypass the cropping process on mobile devices, visit m.facebook.com using a mobile browser. Then upload the photo as a status update on your timeline. You can then select the “Make Profile Picture “Make your Profile Picture” option under the post. This will transform the image into your profile Picture and not crop it.


Let’s discuss these options in more detail:

Way 3 is a preferred option among iPhone mobile customers.

  • Method 1. Use the Facebook Classic Interface – Upload the photo and select to select the “Skip Cropping” option (on Desktop)
  • Method 2 Utilize the Facebook Facebook Lite App on mobile devices – Create a post to the timeline, and then select the “Make it a Profile Image” choice (suitable for Android users as Facebook the Lite App is not yet available on the App Store for Apple). App store)
  • Method 3 Visit m.facebook.com– Login and upload the photo as a post to your timeline. You can then use the “Make it a Profile Picture” choice (works best for iPhone as well as Android smartphone users)

Let’s discuss the specifics and steps required for each one of these options.

Method 1. Use the Facebook’s Classic Interface on your Desktop and select the “Skip Cropping option while uploading your Profile Photo

Facebook Profile Photo

Version 1.0 Update: The “Classic Facebook Interface” for desktops has been removed recently by Facebook and has not been functioning for all users.

A few people have used third-party Google Chrome extensions like “Switch to Classic design on Facebook” and so on, allowing you to switch back to the Facebook Classic interface. But, I’m not confident about the security aspect of these extensions. Try methods two and three if you aren’t sure about this.

To begin is to use Facebook’s Classic Facebook Interface on the Desktop. This will give you a pre-designed choice for you to “Skip Cropping” when uploading your Facebook Profil Picture. Surprisingly, this option has been removed from Facebook’s New Facebook Interface.

Method 2: Using Facebook The Lite App on MobileUpload the image as a status update on your timeline. Then, use the “Make it a Profile Picture” option to cut outcropping for Android]

(Note the fact that this feature isn’t accessible in the Main Facebook App due to a reason. Like we said before, the Facebook Lite app is currently unavailable to iPhone customers; therefore, make use of Way 3 instead unless you already have the Lite application installed.)

First step-Open, Facebook The Lite App and upload or share the photo you would like to use as a “Profile Image” on your timeline.

When you post, you can set your privacy settings set to “Only Me” (since this is a temporary post that can be hidden later)

Step 2.2. Next, open this image’s post in full-screen view. Click on three vertical dots in the upper right of the image.

Step 3. There will be the alternative “Make Profile Pictures”. Click it and confirm. It will appear that the entire image will become Your Profile Picture without any cropping done.

Method 3: Create a Facebook post on your timeline. Then make use of the “Make it a Profile Photo” choice on m.facebook.com to upload the entire image without cropping. iPhone and Android users method 3: Upload the image as a post on your timeline [For iPhone and Android Users

Another method is to prevent cropping, which is similar to Method 2.

This hack is great to work on Mobile (Android and iPhone). Follow the steps below to log in to m.facebook.com on your mobile (even works on laptops) with Google Chrome or any other browser.

  • Step 1: Select the photo you would like to use as a “Profile Image” as an image you can post to your timeline. If you are posting, you may set the privacy settings set to “Only Me” (since this is a temporary post that you can remove later)
  • Step 2: Click on the picture you uploaded on your timeline. You will be able to view it fully. You will see the option “Make it a Profile Picture” BELOW the image. Click it
  • Step 3: Next, it will ask you if you wish to return to your original profile image after a period of time. Simply click “Never”, which means you don’t wish to go back.
  • Step 4: You will now see the image without any cropping, as you can see in the Profile Picture.

You can erase the photo post once the profile photo has been changed.

How do I change my the Facebook profile picture without notifying anyone or changing the profile picture without posting

When you make changes to your Facebook profile picture, it will be posted automatically on your timeline, informing you of the new profile picture. You can alter the privacy settings for this specific post right away to “Public” and then to “Only Me”, which means only you can be the only person to view this post.

Steps to alter your Facebook Profile Picture without notifying anyone

  • You can add the photo as a post on your timeline. After adding the image, you will have the option to change the security settings for privacy in the settings section to “Only myself.”
  • Click on the image in this post and click on the link “Make Profile Photo.”
  • The Profil Pic will be changed to reflect this new photo, and you will receive an auto-post on the change. You can now immediately access the auto-post and modify the privacy settings for that post. Change it by changing it to “Only Me.”

When you delete a post from your Facebook profile Pic Album, the same thing happens. It removes the auto-post from your timeline.

How to Modify Facebook Profile Picture without losing Likes

You have a lot of comments and likes on your Facebook Profile Photo that you do not want to compromise by altering. But the good news is that with Facebook, you won’t have to lose comments and likes. The comments and likes are kept alongside the original photo saved in your profile picture Album.

If you’ve moved to a new Pic that doesn’t receive the same number of likes or comments as the old profile, it is possible to switch back to your old profile Pic by visiting your Facebook profile Pic Album and choosing it there (Don’t create a new upload of your old profile picture that will result in losing the comments and likes)

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Other significant points to note on Profile Pic

The Facebook profile picture guard

Facebook Profile Photo Guard is an excellent feature that protects your privacy. If you enable it, Facebook does not give the option to download images of your Facebook profile Pic for other users. An inexperienced user will not be able of sharing, send out messages, or post your profile image externally.

It also prevents the possibility that someone could add your profile picture to their profile if they are not your friend.

If you enable Facebook’s Profile Picture Guard, when you turn it on Facebook Picture Guard on your profile Picture Guard, it adds the blue border around your profile picture and displays a shield image.

Steps to include Profile Picture Guard

  1. Visit m.facbook.com
  2. Click on the profile picture to expand it.
  3. Click on the option to “Turn on the Profile Image” and “Guard” below the image.
  4. You’ll notice that your profile photo is now wrapped in a blue border. It also includes a shield symbol in the centre of your bottom.

Facebook Profile Pictures Ideas

You can make your own unique ideas for your Facebook Profile Photo with a variety of options. A lot of people combine the profile and cover picture to create a seamless blend. You can also apply effects or designs using the “Add Frames” or the effects “Add Frames” option, which is accessible by clicking on the update option for your profile picture.

If you’re looking to keep your profile secret, below are a few ways to go about creating a Facebook Profile Photos without facesFaceless –

  1. Cartoon picture of you
  2. Your back picture in front of you looking toward something picturesque
  3. Your hat pulled down, covering your face.
  4. A motivational-quotes collection and images
  5. You can also use the brand new function Facebook Avatar to to make your animated Avatar and then use it as your Facebook Profile Picture.

We hope that you find this post useful. Share it with your family and friends to assist them in getting the perfect Facebook Profile Photo.

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