Facebook Error Savings Photo: Here’s How to Store Images

If the Facebook app displays an error saving picture message, any saved images or pictures will be deleted from your device. This message can be used to prevent you from changing your profile picture and transferring images from your account onto the smartphone.

You can fix Facebook Error Savings Photo by simply logging off and back into your Facebook account. Or, you may need to do a deeper investigation.

This guide will help you identify the causes of the error saving photo message that appears on your screen when you try to save or download an image from Facebook.

We’ll also show you how to save your Facebook memories to your smart device.

Why can’t Facebook Save My Photos? Facebook Error Savings Photo?

Facebook Error Savings Photo

You may be experiencing a Facebook error when saving photos to Android or iPhone. This could indicate that you haven’t given Facebook permission access to your media files or are using an old version of the Facebook app.

Reason 1.

You must permit Facebook to view your photos when you first create your Facebook account.

This allows you to upload a picture to your Facebook profile or download one from Facebook.

Reason 2.

Facebook may confirm that an image was saved, but the file does not appear in your gallery. This could be because your device has a .nomedia’.

This file will stop images from being downloaded via Facebook.

Reason 3.

Facebook’s software may contain corrupted information that could cause problems with the app’s functioning.

Software faults can occur during installation or everyday use.

Reason 4.

If the Facebook storage files are full, pictures will not be downloaded.

These cache files are temporary data stored on your device to improve the performance of the social media app.

Reason 5.

If there is not enough space, images will not be allowed to be downloaded from Facebook’s camera roll.

How to save an image on Facebook

Facebook Error Savings Photo

Have you already logged in and re-logged into your account to download your images from Facebook?

Logging in can refresh Facebook and fix temporary problems.

Tip: After logging out of Facebook, restart the phone or computer to delete any contaminated software.

How to grant Facebook access to photos

Fix 1. Allow privacy to iPhone

Step 1. Open your ‘Settings’

Step 2 Scroll down and click on privacy

Step 3. Select Photos’

Step 4. Search Facebook to find it and choose it

Step 5 Check that “All Photos” is ticked

This is also a good idea for Facebook Messenger.

Fix 2.

This must be done on both the iPhone and Android.


Step 1. Open Settings

Step 2. Search Facebook, and click on it

Step 3. Choose Photos’, and ensure it is clicked. All Photos’

On Android:

Step 1. Launch Settings

Step 2. Select Apps

Step 3. Scroll to Facebook, and then click on it

Step 4. Choose Permissions’

Step 5 Make sure Storage’ is enabled

Facebook will now be able to access your media files.

How to delete Facebook cache

Fix 3.

Clear the cache file for Facebook from an Android device

Step 1. Launch Settings

Step 2. Select Apps & Notifications

Step 3. Search Facebook to find it and choose it

Step 4. Click on Storage’, then choose ‘Clear Cache’.

You can delete the files from your device without deleting the app.

How about clearing your iPhone’s cache files?

These files can be removed from your iPhone by deleting the Facebook app and reinstalling it. After deleting the program, restarting your iPhone is a good idea.

Fix 4.

Android devices may have an issue with the ‘.nomedia” file, which prevents images from being saved.

You will need to access the “Facebook app” file to locate this folder.

The folder could be called com. Facebook’ or a Facebook file could be found within a folder named DCIM.

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Fix 5.

It may be time to upgrade your Facebook app.

To ensure that you don’t miss a new version, it is advisable to turn on automatic updates.

Step 1. Open your App or Play Store

Step 2. Search Facebook

Step 3. Look for the “Update” button

Click on the icon if it is there to update your app.

Fix 6.

It is possible that your device’s memory is already too full to store new images.

You can check how much storage you have and then delete any videos or pictures that you don’t need anymore.

After you have increased your storage, save a photo to Facebook.

Facebook won’t download photos.

Facebook may not load photos for a variety of reasons.

  • Facebook’s server has been down
  • Too many cache files on your device
  • Your internet connection is slow
  • DNS issues could cause you to be unable to access Facebook from your browser

Why can’t Facebook allow me to upload photos?

Facebook Error Savings Photo: Here's How to Store Images

Why can’t I post photos on Facebook?

You should be aware of a few things when uploading images to Facebook. Facebook could experience an error saving your image to your account.

Reason 1. Poor internet connection

How much bandwidth is required for Facebook to function without loading problems?

10Mbps to 25Mbps download is the ideal speed for your app to run.

You may experience intermittent problems with your internet connection, or your network service provider may be down.

Reason 2.

Facebook may reject an upload if you use an edited version of the image and not the original.

Upload the original image to your account.

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