Everything About How To Send Twitter Direct Messages

How To Send Twitter Direct Messages

A Twitter direct message (DM) is a private message you send to one or more Twitter users. DMs can only be sent to followers of you on Twitter. DMs cannot exceed 280 characters. But How To Send Twitter DM.

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Why send a DM to someone you care about?

How To Send Twitter Direct Messages

If you are looking to get in touch with someone one-on-1 but don’t have their email address or other contact information, you might send a DM if they spend a lot of time on Twitter. If the communication isn’t suitable for public consumption, such as setting up a business meeting, you prefer to use a DM over a tweet. A welcome message and a DM are things that Twitter users send to new followers.

You can also use DMs to share tweets you don’t want to be put on your timeline with a retweet. To share tweets with 20 accounts at once or as a group, you can use DMs. To do this, tap on the Share icon underneath a tweet and choose to Send via direct message.

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Where can a DM be found?

Twitter DMs are not the same as tweets. Therefore, they don’t appear on any timeline publically visible to everyone. It is only visible on the private Messages pages for the DM sender(s) and receiver(s). DMs, in other words, are similar to private messages that Facebook users exchange. DMs can be threaded to see the back and forth dialogue you had using Twitter’s DM system.

What can I do if I have received a DM?

How To Send Twitter Direct Messages

If you have an account, you can be notified of any new DMs via Twitter.

Twitter will display an alert on your left rail. It is a bubble containing a number next to the Messages link. The number indicates how many new DMs are available.

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Who can I DM with?

Generally speaking, anyone following you can receive a DM. There are exceptions. You can send a DM to a person who doesn’t have DMs but opts in to receive them. You can also send a DM to the person if you’ve exchanged DMs in the past. You can also send a DM to multiple people at once, so anyone in the group can respond to it, even if they don’t follow each other.

You can send a DM on Twitter to someone you don’t know by using their handle (such as @abc123). Although the tweet will not land in their Messages as a DM, it will trigger a notification that they are likely to see.

How To Send Twitter DM to My Friends?

These steps will help you create a DM.

How To Send Twitter Direct Messages
  1. Select Messages from the left rail of the Twitter homepage.
  2. At the top of the Messages screen, click on the New message (envelope icon)
  3. You can also navigate to the person’s profile and click the New message icon (envelope).
  4. The New Message window opens. Enter the recipient’s name you wish to send a DM too, and then choose Next.
  5. A message window opens. The message window will show you messages you have already sent to the person. Type your message in the messaging field. Next, select the Send icon (right-facing Arrow). The message will appear in the messaging window.
  6. If the recipient replies, the message will appear in the messaging window. This is similar to a texting exchange.

How do I delete a DM?

It’s easy to delete a direct mail message.

  1. Go to your Messages section.
  2. Long press the DM that you wish to delete.
  3. Select Delete to delete the message

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