Evernight Temple Electro Puzzle Guide | Genshin Impact

Evernight Temple Electro Puzzle Guide

An Electro Puzzle is located within the Evernight Temple, Enkanomiya in Genshin Impact. Find out where to find this Electro Monument Puzzle, how to solve it, and more information in this tutorial.

Evernight Temple Electro Puzzle Location

The location is in Evernight Temple.

The Electro Puzzle in the middle of the Teleport Waypoint within the Evernight Temple in Enkanomiya.

How to solve the Evernight temple Electro Puzzle

Electro Puzzle Solution

To resolve the Electro Puzzle within the Evernight Temple, you must activate the Electro Monuments in the correct order to use the Electro attack.

1 The monument is a single one from the other four monuments.

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2 The monument on the right upper.

3 The monument to the left of the lower left.

4 The monument is on the lower left.

5 The top left monument.

Electro Puzzle Rewards

The completion of this Electro Puzzle in the Evernight Temple will be rewarded with An exquisite chest.

Evernight Temple Electro Totem Puzzle Guide

Puzzles can be found everywhere within Genshin Impact. They could be part of an exploration or be waiting to be found within a specific area on the maps. The Electro Totem Puzzle in the Evernight Temple is part of the latter. The puzzle is made up of five totems, and with no explanation of what pattern to use, the sole option the players have to make is to keep randomly playing with the totems.

But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Follow this easy guide, and you’ll be rewarded without any hassle.

The puzzle is solved.

To solve the clue To solve it, teleport to the Waypoint within the Evernight temple, which is the closest to the labyrinth of Date. There are electro totems under the hill on which the Waypoint is situated on.

What do you need to figure out in order to complete the puzzle?

Since this puzzle is comprised of electro totems, it will require electro characters to enable them. Choosing characters that can be ranged, such as Fishl and Kujou Sara, is recommended. If you don’t have either of these, you could try it using Lisa.

In addition, there’s a need to take your primary team as three Rifthounds are likely to appear in the area too. Finding a solution to a puzzle when they’re attacking isn’t exactly the easiest task to accomplish, so it’s better to take on the first. You should be prepared with a healer to make sure they don’t drain your HP completely.

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The pattern

To be able to solve the puzzle, the totems need to be activated according to a specific pattern. But, no tablet or riddle could provide clues to the pattern.

Start by activating the first totem before you, the nearest to your Waypoint. Then, activate the one directly across it (the second totem). After completing both, you’ll need to activate the totem to the left side of the first one and the one on the right. After that, you’ll need to activate the right one after the other.

In this way, all totems need to be activated. An exquisite chest will appear.

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