Emma Johnson Single Mother Grant

Emma Johnson Single Mother Grant

Single mom blogger provides money to moms to help them achieve their community, professional or personal objectives

Jennifer Little has had a passion for books since the time she was a young girl. When Little became a mother in 2009, she claims that reading with her young son Jamison became an instant top priority.

“I was so excited to buy books for him, and I think I’ve read to him every night since the day he was born,” says 44-year-old Little, a solo mom of choice living in Frisco, Texas. “He’s in third grade now and into shark books and books about NBA players.”

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Little’s love of making sure that all children have books to read inspired to the University of Texas at Arlington public relations professor to establish Little Hands Book Bank, her non-profit organization that accepts donated books for children and distributes them to less fortunate students.

“We collect books from schools, moms’ groups, churches, and people in our community,” says Little of the nonprofit she established in 2012 following having worked for 22 years in the field of public relations. “We have thousands of books, and our plan is to distribute bags of 12 books each through Head Start programs in the area.”

Little’s plans are about to get much simpler. Last month, she received the Kickass single Mom Grant, a $1,000 gift from Emma Johnson, the staunch Solo Mom supporter and founder of Wealthy Single Mommy, her five-year-old popular blog and podcast aimed to connect and support single moms around the globe.

Little She says that it was the first time she had to apply for a grant application for any reason, claims she was thrilled not just because she plans to utilize the funds to purchase office space and maintain the book in a climate controlled area but as well because she feels extremely at ease and validated.

“Knowing that somebody else has found the idea that books are collected and donating books to those in need an incredible feeling. It is proof that I made the right choice in beginning this company.” Little says.

“I look for women who have a clear plan and significant momentum for achieving their goals–whether in their career, community project, family, or personal project,” Johnson says. Johnson explaining she plans to distribute the grants every month going forward. “Also, they have a thoughtful answer to my question, ‘How will you eventually pay this grant forward?'”

Johnson claims she has received a total of 1,000 grant applications to date and says the grant comes from her own pocket.

“I’m always looking for ways to serve the single mom community,” Johnson says. Johnson she has lived as a single Mom to two kids for the past eight years and the author of her publication, The Kickass Single Mom (TarcherPerigee) is scheduled to release in the autumn of 2017. “I am convinced in the power of our personal adversaries and we all need help. This could mean having a great partner, connecting with fellow single mothers, offering suggestions or telling my story. However, they also need money. This is why I’ve got a philanthropic portion of my budget. this grant will address.”

However, Johnson claims that The Kickass Single Mom Grant offers more than just a money increase: “The bigger value is the platform I’m using. A podcast or social media platform exposure, media interest. This is a way of showing women that, even though everyday is tough but you’re valuable and that you’re doing fantastic. This isn’t just about Jennifer’s tale, but it’s the story of all our stories.”

“I love what she’s doing,” Little says. Little. “She’s helping single mothers . . . If they are passionate about something or a project they’re trying to take off the ground, she’s willing to help them achieve it.”

When asked about her experience as a single mom, Little says the hardest issue for her is that no additional pair of hands is available to help.

“You must not leave your child at home and head to the market because there’s nobody there. It’s not possible to take him to the bathroom and cook dinner simultaneously,” Little says. “People ask me, ‘How can you manage it?’ I reply that you don’t have a option. It’s just what you do. It’s part of the way we live. My son and me have an unbreakable bond since it’s just pair of us. He is the reason why it’s worthwhile.”


“Hearing success stories like Jennifer’s is positive and powerful and motivating, and makes others think, I can do this, too,” Johnson says. Johnson. “I would like people to see other single mothers and think she’s not blessed with wealthy parents or an expensive degree and then look at what she’s doing. I can do it, too!”

Johnson’s book is intended to help mothers navigate the difficulties of running families on a single income; experience dating in a healthy, healthier way, and to become the best moms they can be. The book explains why mothers must be focused on earning big financial independence from their ex-partners, putting romance first and getting rid of the notion that stay-at-home moms are better mothers.

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